Friday, October 05, 2007

Vince said it would be....................huh?

The forecast for Pennsylvania's 10th Congressional District is for gale force winds of hot air coming from all directions. Airwave polluting particles will be a hearing hazard and snowjobs and mudslinging may clog small minds.
The TL is reporting that former WBRE weatherman and present head honcho of the Luzerne County SPCA Vince Sweeney is thinking about running for Congress saying "I’m very flattered that anyone would think that I would make a viable candidate.” Sweeney said several people have encouraged him to consider running as a Republican next year against Chris Carney.
It's not the first time he has thought about running for Congress. Vince has a blog and he thinks he could have won the race the last time.
I knew my decision to not take a run at that congressional seat was probably the biggest favor I could have ever done for Chris Carney - it effectively guaranteed him the win. I'll say it again; I would have made a lousy congressman, but I would have won.
You, Chris, were the man for the job.
He says he never considered running for Congress but the idea was pitched to him before the Cynthia Ore/Don Sherwood thing hit the news and he declined. After the Sherwood the Strangler story hit the front pages he looked at it again and almost did it.
My name and face recognition, coupled with Mr. Sherwood's foolish behavior, would have created a juggernaut that would have carried me all the way to the day when my wife and I had to decide on the new drapes for that Georgetown apartment.
This part I find interesting.
I'd likely win. In fact, it goes beyond likely, I could run away with it. This time my "sit and listen" friend has a mock-up of a campaign poster that reads Rendell, Casey, Sweeney.
Uhm, aren't Rendell and Casey Democrats?


Joe Leonardi said...

Sonny Bono
Fred Grandy (goper love boat)
Steve Largent
Bill Bradly
Jack Kepm

All people who got to Congress (I'm sure thre are others) on name recongition so who knows........Don't discount name recongition, it can be a powerful factor.

pope george ringo said...

Take into account that Vince is very comfortable on camera--such a dynamic personality that very few people are aware that during his heyday as a weatherman he did not have a degree in meteorology. Even His Holiness preferred to tune into Vince's forecast as opposed to TOm Clark (who does have a degree). That's saying a lot. {Did I just declare myself suceptible to media hype?} Bless You All.
P.S. I believe the "Cooter" from the Dukes of Hazard also served a term or two in the US House.

Anonymous said...

Well, if Mr. Sweeny felt last fall that he "would have made a lousy Congressman," I hope he never considers throwing his hat in the ring for the job.

"Uh, yeah, I'd be lousy at it, but you know my name..."

I don't think so Vince. Thank you for your work with the homeless animals. You are a nice guy, and you are in a great spot. I would go so far as to say that many of those animals probably deserve better than the voters who continue to elect ex-football players to run their counties or real estate agents to run their cities.

Bill Fitz said...

i think his original plan was to run as a democrat against the strangler. But now he has to run as a GOPer, becuase he know he cannot beat carney unless he moves to the left on the war and maybe a few pother things, i font think moving to the left on the war would hurt him in the general, but other issue would.
Basically his is that 25% og the people will vote for him and everyone else will get less becuase 5 people join this race every hour.

Anonymous said...

Doesn\'t his wife work for a republican state rep?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, name recognition does it, after all, we now have Gov Lynn Swann, right...?

Joe Leonardi said...

You are correct anon 12:31, Lynn Swann's name recognition didn't get him to the Governor's office. However, it was enough to cause, in the primary race, a prominent state senator and a former Lt. governor from one of our state's most prestigious political families to leave the race.....

Anonymous said...

Why isn't anyone talking about a real Dem running in the 11th to get rid of Kanjorski's self-interested a**???

Anonymous said...

I hear Yudi is about to announce.

danny said...

As far as I knew, Vince is a democrat. I remember seeing him at a few of Bob Mellow's picnics. Also, I'm equally disappointed Rick Santorum won't run for governor. I hope he reconsiders, because I miss his right wing kookery.

Spiro Agnew said...

Vince said

Until recently, I was a Democrat. That I changed my affiliation could become an issue. The PA Republican Committee is comfortable with it, so any explanation will come at another time, which would be the time I decide I am a candidate. Right now, please, I am not a declared candidate.