Monday, April 25, 2005


Now Lenny Dykstra has been accused of taking steroids. Am I the only baseball fan who does not care if someone is juiced. Baseball has a long proud history of cheating. Be it emory boards, spitballs, corked bats or pine tar. These are big boys. If they want to take something to enhance performance and ignore the possible long term health consequences, so be it. Athletes are always looking for an edge and will try just about anything.


Anonymous said...

Sarcasm will get you no where fast.

Anonymous said...

Agreed on the steroids issue. And by the way, they should not be illegal. Doctors prescribe them millions of times each day to there patients. If athletes choose to use them, they also choose long term consequences. Poor Lyle Alzado. He played, he lost. I'll bet his family is set for life.