Friday, July 13, 2007

Off to the beach

See you in a week. Thanks to J-Walk for the pic.
Before I go there a few things on my mind. Chris Carney continues to disappoint me. The slots money keeps going to everything but what it was intended for including convention centers, the Penguins and a fantasy Airport. Can anyone say property tax relief?
The W-B city council dismissed a proposal for a skate park for the kids but then voted to look for more corporate welfare to develop the Murray complex. They also need a pool at Coal St Park.
I can't get the Phillies game on TV tonight because Comcast dropped UPN-57 from my lineup. And someone forgot to throw the switch at our local local radio station that carries the Phillies games so we're still getting the national feed. Heads should roll!
A week can be a long time in politics so if anything interesting happens while I'm gone please let me know in the comments or email. Mrs G has outlawed computers while we are away.


Anonymous said...

head should roll, le me know when you are marching on the local radio staion, We take them build up support and with mommentum take on comcast on that note my family is ditching comcast for verizon fios, basically we would rathertrust a phone company woth our TV then the TV company with our phones
have a great break
or hope u had a great break

D.B. Echo said...

So there's a good chance you'll be offline and out-of-state when the Phillies hit the 10,000 mark! And as always, they continue to disappoint fans by refusing to move past loss #9,999!

Head in the sand lefty said...

I think we should run a liberal against Carney in the next primary--Carney would definitely lose. THen our new liberal candidate can run against the Conservative that the Republicans put up and get his ass whipped. BUt at least we lose with dignity and if our candidate were elected he wouldn't have disappointed us.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I miss you Gort. Let me know where you are and I'll spend a few days there, too!