Sunday, July 22, 2007

What's todays date?

We went to the beach and tuned out all news except baseball. The Phillies still stink and the Yankees gained ground on the Red Sox. No papers or cable nonsense following a car down the highway. Nothing exciting seemed to happen locally. I'm checking out my Blog Buddies to get me up to speed.


Jennifer said...

A few interesting things happened:

1. The two suspects in the murder of Bryan Kocis were brought back from Virginia to face charges.

2. Luzerne Co. hired not one but two law firms to protect the county's interest in the SWB Yankees.

3. A lawsuit filed in an attempt to get Bob Cordaro off the ballot in November.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you had a some time to relax but the phils went 4-3 on a road trip and are 6-4 since the break, not that bad and Ryan Howard is pulling well a ryan Howard with an awsome secound half

That said i missed you, you are the heart and soul of the NEPA blog experince

Gort said...

Thank you my friends.

I started to answer you in the comments but it would make a good post.

Anonymous said...

What about the rumor broadcast on Corbett's radio show on WILK and also editorialized in the Times Leader about the big FBI investigation down at the Luzerne County courthouse? The info I've read say judges, attorneys and other courthouse employees are involved.