Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bill Jones becomes a Democrat

Talk about bad timing. The local Dems are embroiled in the biggest local scandal to ever become public and he decides to join them.
Still smarting from his loss in the Luzerne County Commissioners race, Jones decided to take his ball and go home. Jones finished last of the four candidates 3,770 votes behind Steve Urban, who won re-election as the Republican minority commissioner. He explains his switch by explaining that the local Republican party is “in total disarray. Everyone basically is doing their own thing, and that is exactly why Republicans can’t win.” If he didn't know that before he got into the race he deserved to lose. He takes some shots at Urban saying it's his fault that county party is almost nonexistent. I bet they didn't exchange Christmas Cards this year. Urban shot back, "Maybe he has more in common with the Democratic majority than he has with the Republican Party.”
Both papers said that Luzerne County Republican Chairwoman Lynette Villano did not return phone calls to comment on this earth shattering event. I've been passing on the criticism of Villano for a few years now but I think it's unfair to blame her for all the ineptitude/infighting/cliques/ etc. of the local GOP. Where are the big money people who host events for national or congressional candidates? I'm sure that there are local business and professional people who are registered Republican that would be very attractive candidates but they don't want to get mixed up with this dysfunctional bunch.
Our ever expanding list of local scribes have some things to say about this turn of events. The West Side Republican says "so long Sore Loser, don't let the door hit you on the way out. " The Angry Republican tells us that "We all know that the county party is a joke and the laughing stock of the state. Following a close second is Lackawanna's."
Then there is the Yonksterist Manifesto.
Talking Heads - Road To Nowhere


t.g. said...

Bill Jones was part of their crew long before he officially announced he was joining them. Urban was right to avoid him; Jones has been working for the machine the whole time. Good riddance! He was just another problem for the Republicans. Bet he runs for Commissioner again in four years as a former Republican who wants to clean up the Democratic Party and Luzerne County. They are just setting up for it. Watch and see...

Anonymous said...

This guy looks like Kevin Spacey.