Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tom Marino for Congress

Former US Attorney Tom Marino did a 4 stop tour yesterday announcing that he is running for the Republican nomination for Congress in the PA 10th District. I missed his stop at one my favorite lunch spots in Kingston but the people who were there greeted him warmly. In another stop he gave his reasons for running against Chris Carney.

There are four areas we have to just attack immediately and bring this under control. Washington has to stop this ridiculous spending, this is just mind boggling. We’ve got to continue tax cuts, because you know something, the president can’t create jobs, the senators can’t create jobs, the congressmen can’t create jobs. You know who can create jobs? You people, with tax cuts with money back in your pockets expanding your farms, expanding your small businesses,” said Marino.

“We have to continue the tax cuts and make sure we downsize Washington D.C.”

The Dems are worried about this guy judging by the press releases I got today.

HARRISBURG: Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman T.J. Rooney today
released the following statement regarding the Republican candidacy of Tom
Marino in the 10th Congressional District as he launched his campaign bid
against U.S. Rep. Chris Carney:

"The last time Tom Marino was in public service, he cut and ran. When the
going got tough, Marino abandoned his responsibility to the region while the
‘kids for cash’ scandal was taking place right under his nose.

"No wonder he was quoted in 2007 saying that he doesn't’t ‘have the patience
to be a Congressman’. Marino doesn't’t have the patience for any kind of
public service."

Casino Marino


Only one election cycle removed from declaring he doesn’t “have the patience to be a congressman,” former US Attorney Tom “Casino” Marino has had a change of heart and is now running for Congress in Pennsylvania ’s 10th District. But with his longstanding ties to businessman Louis DeNaples, the same ties which played a role in ultimately leading to his resignation as a US Attorney, it’s clear that voters in Pennsylvania ’s 10th district will reject “Casino” Marino’s controversial past.

“Tom ‘Casino’ Marino’s candidacy represents nothing more than the unethical conduct that the 10th district rejected just four short years ago,” said Shripal Shah, Northeast Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “The cloud of conflicts that surrounded Marino’s resignation, stemming from his longstanding ties to businessman Louis DeNaples, speaks volumes about Marino’s controversial past. He should fully expect his shady background to be rejected at the ballot box this fall.”

Tom “ Casino ” Marino resigned as US Attorney in 2007 under a cloud of controversy once it was discovered that he served as a reference on the gaming application of businessman Louis DeNaples. DeNaples, who was long under investigation for allegedly making campaign contributions in attempt to get a gaming license, later was also the subject of a grand jury probe into his ties to organized crime. Just weeks after resigning from the US Attorney’s office, Marino actually went to work for DeNaples as his personal attorney.


In September 2007, Marino resigned from his U.S. Attorney post shortly after Morning Call broke the story that Marino had served as a reference on the gaming application of a personal friend, Louis DeNaples, in 2005. DeNaples was a target in a state and federal investigation begun in 2004, which involved Marino’s office; DeNaples was under investigation for allegedly making campaign contributions to Governor Rendell for the purpose of winning a gaming license for his resort. In 2007, DeNaples was also the subject of a separate grand jury probe into his ties to the mafia. [Morning Call, 8/21/07]

In November 2007, just weeks after his resignation as U.S. attorney, Marino was hired by DeNaples as an in-house counsel. [Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/11/08]

In the fall of 2007, Marino was courted as a possible candidate against Representative Carney. Marino, however, told the Patriot News, "I don't have the patience to be a congressman." [Patriot News, 9/21/07]

Staement from Carney's office

“There will be plenty of time for politics down the road. Right now, Congressman Carney is concentrating on creating jobs in our region and listening to the people from all 14 counties. He is fighting for tax cuts for small businesses and the middle class and working to get area projects the funding they so badly need. Congressman Carney is proud of his bipartisan record in Congress and was flattered to have recently been approached by Sen. John McCain and other Republican leaders about switching parties. He believes, however, that his job is not about a political party. It is about doing the right thing every day for the people he represents.”


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