Sunday, August 15, 2010


In the last few days Republican 10th Congressional candidate Tom Marino suggested that Congressman Chris Carney has been hiding behind his wife's skirt and her recent battle with breast cancer to avoid answering his already debunked charges.

I am disappointed that Mr. Carney would use his wife’s health condition to hide the fact that he refuses to address where he stands on abortion.

Carney: Foe lacking in human decency

He called out his Republican challenger in the 10th District, Tom Marino, for making statements last week that insinuated Carney used his wife’s breast cancer surgery as a reason to duck placing his name as a co-sponsor on a bill that would have prohibited taxpayer funds being used for abortions. Marino made the claims, Carney said, at a time he was restricted from commenting...“My priority in the time leading up to Jen’s surgery on July 30 was my family,” Carney said. “The way that Tom Marino has carried out this latest attack, repeatedly attacking on this issue when he knew the circumstances, demonstrates he is bereft of basic human decency. It is gutter politics of the worst kind and it has absolutely no place in our community.”

Marino had a fundraiser with John Boenher yesterdaythat will help but not be enough.


Stephen Albert said...

Marino is a douche bag.

Anonymous said...

So when not if Bohner gets skin cancer, marino has no right to hide behind it.

This means three things.

A) Internal Polls give him such a lead there is nothing he cvan do,

B) Internal polls give Carney a lead it does not matter. the GOP said to itself, lets just figure this out at redistricting. Basically they make Carney Safe and if Barletta wins help him out(give carney Scranton) or force Kanjo to retire.

C) Louis DeNaples and the boys will make sure Carney loses.

Anonymous said...

Clearly Marino knows he has no real chance and he is now grasping for straws and doing so in a sleazy way. Based on his recent fund raising numbers, no one else is giving him a chance either. That's no suprise ginven the issues with coruption going on in the area and Marino's shady past.

Amy Jacoby said...

I think I remember reading that some democrats called him "Casino Marino". Is that because he likes to take very stupid chances? What a desperate guy. I don't even think this guys mother votes for him after this.

Anonymous said...

Funny to read the Carney supporter attacks for Marino.

What this shows (combined with Carney's other actions - like being up already in defining himself, and not releasing poll numbers like he did in the past) is how close this race is going to be. If Marino can raise some money - and he has been pathetic in that area to date - he has a real chance to win in November - despite his poor campaign approach.

Whoever is counseling Marino to launch a Life attack in a General Election - when all anyone who has done or has not done polling knows - is that is a PRIMARY issue. Layer on the fact that the economy, healthcare and our national debt are the issues of the day, you’d have to scratch your head and ask - WTF?

Anonymous said...

How about this for disgusting, now that Walter G is an elected official he is against the home rule charter. Is he going the way of Christine Katsock, from "reformer" to part of the problem?

Mean Old Man said...

I'm no funny boy, but looking at the picture you posted of Mr. Marino and Speaker Boehner brought a tear to my eye.
Finally come January we will have "real" American men in charge. I hear ol' Speaker John smokes as many if not more Luckys a day than I do.
God bless both these gentlemen, and also our future President, the sainted Sen. Santorum!!! Sorry to see you back from vacation, commie!!!!

Anonymous said...

Has that picture been retouched to make it appear that Tom is playing pocket pool? He is obviously grasping a (Speaker) Boehner.

The Lizard said...

But seriously, folks . . . I like the picture of Tom and John (if you haven't seen the Priceless! campaign ad, visit Makes you wonder though if anyone else was at the fundraiser besides whoever took the picture. So what was the take? A buck fifty?

Bill Greenlaw said...

Marino's desperate grab at the headlines speaks volumes. Its all about Tom. Tom Marino did not stop at hinting that Carney should have paid attention to Marino rather than his wife, Marino then said Carney's active service in the Naval Reserve should take a back seat to answering Marino's phony charges. These comments from vets say it better than I could:

One vet said: “Tom Marino needs a lesson in how to treat veterans with responsibility and integrity. His remarks are a slap in the face to service members everywhere and he shows true ignorance in questioning the rule barring military personnel from making political comments,”

another said: “In waging an attack against Congressman Carney’s service to our country, Tom Marino is disparaging our military men and women around the country as well as the families of reservists everywhere, whose sacrifices go above and beyond the call of duty,”

yet another: “If this week has taught us nothing else, it is that Mr. Marino is a politician willing to disrespect the sacrifice our troops make everyday in an effort to win a news cycle,”

another says: “Mr. Marino should never attack Congressman Carney for admirably serving his country. Tom Marino has never served and has no established credibility to make these sorts of statements,”

and yet another: “No one should ever denigrate the Reserves, especially in this time of war. Our country is constantly under risk of attack and the Reservists here at home play a vital role in our nation’s security,”

If Marino was even worth considering he would have admitted he was wrong. He has not. I guess Marino has a job as long as Louis DeNaples has a business; he will need one by November.

Anonymous said...

I wish you Carney plants would not post your Vet Bullshit to every site you can find. Just because he "serves in the reserves" he shouldn't be called to task for his liberal voting record.

You guys make me sick.

Anonymous said...

wow this ins interesting, I thin all of us from both parties are suprised, So marino may have just lost the race for himself.

Pennsylvania 10: Despite challenger Tom Marino having just 59 percent name recognition compared to Rep. Chris Carney’s 94 percent name recognition, Marino leads on the ballot by a 52 to 37 percent margin.

The only dumber thing than critizing your opponent for being with his sick wife, is cheating yon your wife with a woman half your age and then allegedly strangling her.

The Lizard said...

Anonymous wrote: "I wish you Carney plants would not post your Vet Bullshit to every site you can find. Just because he "serves in the reserves" he shouldn't be called to task for his liberal voting record.

"You guys make me sick."

If you Carney haters wouldn't make it up as you go along, we wouldn't have to be out here. He has served in more than the reserves and you know it. He doesn't have a liberal voting record unless you happen to be to the right of Barry Goldwater. If he had stayed in Washington instead of being with his wife Jennifer, you "gentlemen" would have criticized him for not paying attention to family.

As for the later "Anonymous", yeah, when people don't know who you are and they are in a mood for change, no matter how irrational, they'll vote against the other guy until they get to know you. It seem that process is happening. The more you get to know Tom Marino, the more you'll dislike him.

Anonymous said...

Carney is a Sell Out.. He is a Douche Bag.. No wonder why at parades and other events people are yelling and booing him. His is a jerk and he doesn't read the bills before he votes for them. He is pelosi's puppet. Dump Chris Carney!!!

Anonymous said...

Major General Dan O’Neill, U.S. Army, I am offended by Carney’s attacks on Tom Marino. “As a retired General I am disappointed that Carney is playing politics with his military service. As a citizen I am disappointed that Chris Carney says one thing in the District and does another when he gets to D.C. Chris Carney should campaign on the issues and stop playing politics by making false accusations against Tom Marino”

Anonymous said...

Iraq War Veteran Retired Army Staff Sergeant Christopher R. Bain, Purple Heart recipient and Williamsport resident. “Tom Marino is a great advocate for veterans. While Carney himself can not talk to the press when he is activated, that is no reason for his staff not to comment. Tom Marino is a friend of veterans, Chris Carney seems to being using veterans for political reasons”

Anonymous said...

Mr Bain and Mr O'Neill, I thank you for your service but i'm suprised you would defend Tom Marino the way you have. I understand you are both ultra conservative and feel the need to sitck up for any R but Marino does not deserve it. You or I may not agree with his votes but there is no doubt that Carney has served his country honorably. He did not use his military service to hide from anything he simply could not comment. Furthermore, he forbids his staff from comenting while he is active as any ethical person would do. Even when a staffer speaks they do so on behalf of the candidate. For the both of you to defend Marino when you know the truth shows you put your party before your comrades. For that you will not earn the support of this veteran or any other that I know. I am a Republican and a veteran and I will now send my support to Carney. Both of you along with Mr Marino should be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:34 - If you think for a minute everyone with two brain cells to rub together doesn't think you were a Carney supportee before reading Gen O'Neil's post have another thing coming.

To think a POSTER to a political blog site is not fully informed is a tad insulting - but that's what you and Carney do - try to deceive the voters by pretending to be moderate in the district and voting like a San Fran liberal in DC.

You guys make me sick.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:35 - I think you need to read the blog posts a little closer before you say everyone is fully informed. Listening to Rush Limbaugh and Fox news does not educate people, it makes them dumb. And reciting talking points only makes you look like a hack. Just like Oneil and Bain.

PJ the WB Lefty said...

As we all know, it's OK for Republicans to criticize those who have served and to send our men and women into harm's way because they have been throuh it themselves. I mean, look at Cheney. He served his nation proudly (or would have it it wasn't for those 7 or 8 deferrments). Or how about Karl Rove? Also would have served I am sure had he been asked. Or el Rushbo (except he had a bad back plus the pill issue). Or W...served us proud in the Alabama Guard (not that we can actually find proofd of that).
Yeah, these chickenhawk dems like Carney and Kerry, and Max Cleeland, that terrosrist lover, the nerve of them if they even mention the military, ain't that right? Tom and John know what I'm talkin' about

Anonymous said...

Sadly the republicans who run or are elcted lately have never worn a uniform, yet the attack dems who have and even sadder to hide their cowardness they attack the service of those dems. kind of makes you go hmmmm.
I dont remember where i saw it but years ago i read a column about Limbaugh's cowardness, goot stuff.