Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Possible 120th HD candidates

First of all I want to say say thank you to Phyllis Mundy for being for being a friend and an outstanding State Representative.

Just as I was getting worried that we wouldn't have many competitive state legislature elections next year Phyllis drops a bomb shell. Right now Pashinski, Carroll, Mullery, Toohill, Yudichak and Baker don't have an announced opponent but that will change as some guy with a tri-corner hat gets the itch. So far only Karen Boback has a serious opponent in Laura Dickson.

Bill O'Boyle in the TL runs down the likely candidates.

On the GOP side 2012 nominee Aaron Kaufer gives kudos to Phyllis and sounds like he will run again. She cleaned his clock 56%-44% after the state GOP pored a ton of money into the race. And there is always  speculation that Kingston Mayor for Life Jim Haggerty will try to lose another election outside of the Municipality after getting shot down for State Senate and Judge. I'm sure some other names will pop up.

The Dems will have plenty of candidates. Edwardsville Councilor Gary Mack is interested as is West Pittston attorney Laura Dennis who is said to be able to self finance. This line from the TL article kind of bugs me. Dennis said she wants to run for elective office; she has to decide if the state legislature would be the best fit for her. In other words she wants to run for office to be somebody instead of doing something. She has time to clear that up.

The early frontrunner for the Democratic nod has to be West Wyoming Council Prez Eileen Cipriani. She has been at Phyllis' side and organized the West Side Council of Governments that has been able to pool the resources of the west side to get things done.

Other names being thrown around include:

Former W. Pittston Mayor Bill Goldsworthy who is working for the the Guv and ran against Phyllis in 2010. He may want to get off the Corbett sinking ship before it goes under.

Just for shits and giggles a commenter says:  I say Michael Szustak- did a bang up job with Gelb and Cartwright. Has what we need for the job!

 And we all know that Joe V has always wanted to be elected to something...anything

If Mundy does retire, who knows, maybe I’ll tap into that communion money and throw my hat into the ring as well.


Anonymous said...

I love Eileen Cipriani. I think she's thoughtful and talented. Phyllis took her under her wing for a reason! She'd be a great candidate and she'd be a very good successor to Mundy.

That said, I agree with the commenter. The only person I'd back who wasn't Eileen would be Mike Szustak. He'd be a pretty phenomenal representative. I know he's not likely to do it, but if he did, I'd vote for him.

I predicted long ago that Szustak would succeed Mundy and Shubilla would one day succeed Pashinski. We'll soon see how right I was!

Jim Haggerty said...


Anonymous said...

You must live in a tunnel. A fish is a better choice then her. I say laura dennis or aaron would be great

Anonymous said...

How about John Bolin

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard anything about Laura Dennis's party affiliation or beliefs, but Valenti is propping her up and I haven't seen her name mentioned by anyone but Republicans or with Republican names, which means... No. Not giving the GOP in Harrisburg another member to count for a majority. Fuck that noise.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what Laura Dennis's party affiliation or belief are? She's fucking hot.

Anonymous said...

9:44 - So are Tarah Toohil and Stefanie Salavantis, but they only have about one brain cell between the both of them. :P

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of leaning towards Sarah Palin or Liz Warren.

Anonymous said...

9:44 that makes them not only perfectly qualified candiates, but pefect women.

John Bolin said...