Monday, July 17, 2017

1000 words

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Mean Old Man said...

TO see our gallant vice president in this photo brings a tear to my eye---and I'm no funny boy!
I'm so happy we finally have true Patriots overseeing our White House. Mr. Trump is a true Teddy Roosevelt of our time!!!
He reminds me a lot of my old man----hit first ask questions later...not like most of the panzy politicians today who have to go through focus groups before opening their mouth.
I remember once when I was a kid stealing coal from a box car and bringing it home in a pail (this was in the dead of winter). My old man was furious and beat the hell out of me....not because I stole the coal but because I didn't steal enough!!! I could still feel the pain from his fist on my jaw....and the long night spent in the closet. My old man was something else....I miss him a lot.
Go to Hell Commie Liberals....
I hate you all!!!
And a quik get well to John McCain (now there's a real man!!!!!!)