Monday, July 31, 2017

Lou Barletta for Senate

If the reports are true PA 11th CD Rep Lou Barletta of Hazleton  is running for the US Senate against incumbent Bob Casey of Scranton in 2018. After Rick Santorum flamed out in the 2016 primary Lou endorsed Donald Trump and has been a big supporter ever since. Many people say that Trump has urged him to get into the race.

Barletta getting into the Senate race will probably knock out a few of the minor Republican candidates but I doubt he will have a clear field.

On the other hand the next primary  election in the  Pennsylvania 11th Congressional District will be a donnybrook on both sides.

The only declared candidate in the 11th CD until now was Democrat Alan Howe. 
That will change in the next few days.

The Republicans have a deep bench in a district that stretches from Wyoming County to down past Harrisburg and Carlisle. There are many Republican Legislators and County officials that will be looking for a promotion.

Of course some rich guy/girl  who could self finance might  get in on it.

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