Sunday, May 22, 2005

Democratic Leader

“There's obviously bad blood out there. There’s no mandate for Dotty with the number of votes she got. She and certain other people have been a cancer within the organization,” Mazur said.

What a way for the county chairman to support the party nominee.

Despite his disappointment over Stankovic’s win, Mazur was gleeful over Flood’s loss. “Those 20,000 people didn’t come out because of Joe Mazur or the Democratic Party. A lot of them came out because they were against Steve Flood. If he thinks everything he was doing people agreed with, well they didn’t.”

Boy this is fun. Flood rocked the boat so he had to go. The whole party establishment was behind Petrilla. She spent over $130,000, Flood next to nothing. This is classic example of negative advertising that works. Of course Flood could have spent more. In fact his campaign was almost invisible. Except for a few yard signs I didn't see much of anything. If you want to win an election never take your opponent for granted. And if someone makes a negative accusation and you don't respond, the perception is that it is true.

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Anonymous said...

Mazur's a bum. Don't take one thing he says to heart. Why did we pick him to be the leader of the party anyway? There are many other great area Dems that could do a great job...

I said it here first. That choice may be the beginning of the end of the Dems stranglehold on power in Luzerne County. If the Repubs can get better organized and get there voter registration numbers up it could happen. I have worked the polls for the last twenty years in Luzerne County and can tell you that twenty years ago it was rare to see a Repub voter in our district. Primaries were easy, never had to ask what party they were from. When a Repub walked into the polling place everybody knew who the Repub was. Now, a totally different climate is in the air. It is no where near Dem numbers, but Repub registration is up alot over where it was 20 yrs. ago. Dems beware!!!!!