Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sewer Authority increases rates by $30

It will now cost more to flush the toilet. From the Times-Leader:

The board voted 12-1 to adopt a budget that increases rates by $30 a year for each household unit beginning in 2006. The rate for the average household will increase from $130 to $160 a year.

They are citing the increased cost of natural gas, loss of state funding and the closing of Techniglass as reasons for the hike. Add in the cost of gasoline and it's only a matter of time before the electric utilities put in for a rate increase. Only one board member questioned the increase and suggested ways to cut spending:

Joseph Mazur, the only authority board member to vote against adopting the budget, said the proposed budget concealed the rate increase. As he called for board members to postpone a vote on the budget, Mazur suggested that the authority could reduce expenses by eliminating frivolous expenses in the more than $17.6 million budget. He opposes monthly $700 allowances for five administrative employees who are on call around the clock. He also questioned the authority's three satellite offices in West Pittston, Wilkes-Bare and Nanticoke.

I read on the Authority web site that there are 14 board members. Why so many? Are these people paid? That's one area they can cut expenses. As Joe Mazur said;

"I can't see raping these poor people for something they really don't need."

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Pope George Ringo said...

Kind of makes you yearn for the goold old days when all you had to deal with was an outhouse in the back yard; though surely, if these cads were around then, they would find a way to squeeze a buck out of that too.