Sunday, April 15, 2007

Mario Fiorucci in the news

SUGAR NOTCH MAYOR: Mario Fiorucci is seeking the Democratic nomination for mayor of Sugar Notch.

Fiorucci is employed as a medical records processor. A graduate of Hanover Area High School, he attended Luzerne County Community College; College Misericordia, class of 1980, where he received a bachelor of arts; and Georgetown University, class of 1982, where he received a master of arts in political science.

As mayor, he plans to begin a recycling program by piggybacking with either Ashley or Hanover Township; reduce council from seven to five members to save money; and merge the police department with Ashley or Hanover Township.

Fiorucci has worked on the regionalization issue since 1999 and is confident it will deliver better protection to the citizens of Sugar Notch. He does not believe the town can provide all municipal services necessary for a proposed 300 home development led by Earth Conservancy.

Mario realizes that a little town of less than 1000 people can't keep going it alone. It's a hard sell telling people that they can't afford their little fiefdom much longer and merge services and eventually their political identity with a larger neighbor. His annual State of the World Forum is coming up in May.

The chairman of PACleanSweep, Mr. Russ Diamond, will talk about his reform agenda and proposal for an unlimited constitutional convention for PA. A resident of Annville, Lebanon County, Mr. Diamond after the midnight pay raise by the General Assembly.

The second speaker will be Mort Malkin. He is asocial-political activist and author of four books on health and fitness. He recently edited "The Lilac Book of Peace-Axioms & Quotes." He has a column of political satire called "Gadfly" in the Towne Crier and a health & fitness column called "The Body and Brain Trade" for the News Eagle.

Also speaking is Mr. Caleb Ginyard III. He will conduct a multi-media presentation about his famous father, Caleb Ginyard Jr., a renowned black doo-wopand spiritual singer. His book, "My Name is Caleb N.Ginyard: A Father and Son Autobiography of a Spiritual Musical Genius," is the basis of his presentation. Theelder died in 1978 after traveling the globe, creating a musical legacy as lead singer of several groups including the Du-Droppers, Jubalaires and Royal Harmony Singers, among others.

Annual Free Speech Awards at the State of the World. Special award to Kurt Shotko of Lackawanna County, for political protests at the Wilkes Barre, St. Patrick's Day Parade in 2005 and Tim Grier, presently a primary candidate for mayor and council in Wilkes-Barre. His most important protest was for third party ballot access. He stood in the voting booth for 30 minutes in 2005 without voting. His stance generated much needed media coverage of third party issues in NEPA.

The annual event takes place on the first Sunday in May. This years' date is 5/06/07. The event is held indoors and outdoors, rain or shine at 893 Main Street Sugar Notch, PA. From I-81 take the Nanticoke exit,then take Exit #1 into Sugar Notch. The building isthe last house on the right, exactly one mile from the first house in town. It will have several big State of the World sings on it. A parking lot is across the street in the Dr.'s Clinic. Phone Mario Fiorucci at 570-819-0721 or email him for more info. Food, music and refreshments are provided.


Russ Diamond said...

Yikes Gort!

I don't support an unlimited convention...

Please see for more details.

Mike M. said...

It is truly unfortunate that someone whose actions and past actions are more than questionable is receiving so much free press. This "State of the World" will be held at a building/house that Fiorucci still has not paid his property taxes on. This building, that is not actually a house persay, that is owned by Fiorucci was on the docket to be seized for unpaid back taxes a couple of years ago. Now he is running for Mayor of Sugar Notch Boro. Why should we people of Sugar Notch trust this person with our monies when he cannot even manage his own financial affairs? He is also running for Hanover Area School Director. He has no wife, no children, no girlfriend and no life so why is he running? Why this attention seeking "State of the World?" Again, his life is a sham and in shambles so where is the logic to elect him to anything? What about his past? He's been fired from every job he's held prior to his current part time position. He was accused of sexual assault by a female co-worker when he was employed in Chicago. The overall majority of the citizens of Sugar Notch will have nothing to do with him for they know him since he was a child. He is a confirmed attention seeking nutcase. Please check out his resume and call previous employers. They will not refer him for rehire to anything.

Anonymous said...

But Mike, what about the issues?

Mike M. said...

Ah, the issues. Lest we forget the issues. The truly relevent issues are rendered irrelevent by the actions, past actions, lies, misrepresentation of the facts, and the very questionable history of the ersatz candidate himself: Maria Fiorucci. With any possible relevent issues brought to light by this alleged candidate, Fiorucci, how can we, the people of Sugar Notch as well as Hanover Area, vote for a person we neither respect nor care for as a person? Delve into his employment history. Ask people around our town what they think of him. Ask what are the motives of a person with no wife, no children, no girlfriend, no life, living alone in a delapidated building in disrepair, to run for two elected offices at the same time locally. After you've garnered answers to those queries you'll realize that, no matter how relevent the issues, Fiorucci is not the one to resolve them at the expense of the taxpayers of Sugar Notch and/or Hanover Area.