Thursday, April 19, 2007

No debate for Luzerne County DA or Judge

An old rule of politics says don't debate your opponent if you think you're way ahead. And Dave Lupas and Jackie Musto Carroll follow the rules. Both of them are ducking the League of Women Voters forum that has been traditionally held before each election. More candidates every year bail on this event and I think that has to stop. I don't care what office you're running for or what you think of your opponents chances you still have to explain yourself to the voters.

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Tara said...

Great post, Gort! I wasn't aware either of them wasn't doing a debate. I guess they feel they have enough power that they can go with the 'political flow'.

You made a good point of the debate being the place where the voters find out what the candidates stand for. Hell, even back in high school didn't we have to debate for student council and the like?? We couldn't pull a "Dave" or "Jackie" then! =-p

You know, with the track record the DA's office has had under Lupas- with Carroll there, too- you'd think they'd be begging for multiple debates to prove themselves! I don't get it.