Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Contracts at the cube

FBI seeking documents from LCCC

LCCC has received criticism in the last year for the way the board of trustees handled the awarding of contracts when Ross Scarantino was chairman of LCCC’s Board of Trustees.

Scarantino, Pittston Area School District’s superintendent, agreed to plead guilty to federal charges May 20 for receiving money for supporting a contractor seeking work with the school district.

No bid contracts are nice when you can get them.

Former Pittston Area School Director Tony Rostock got a mere pitanance of $30,000 to do some landscapping at LCCC.

Precept Associates received a nice premium to oversee the construction of a building and Intellacom got $130K+ to install spy cameras before they were fired because they didn't fulfill the terms of the contract. The Pittston Area School District also paid Intellacom $300,00o for a survallience system and the Wilkes-Barre Area Career and Tech School hired them when Brian Dunn and Jim Height were on the board. Dunn and Height are also facing charges of accepting bribes. I'm certainly not accusing Intellecom or any other outfit of wrongdoing but I do find it interesting that they are mention in just about every story about local school officials taking bribes.

In more LCCC news former Dean Peter Moses is collecting unemployment compensation while awaiting trial on theft and receiving stolen property charges.


Anonymous said...

AP - former PA School board member, former LCCC board member, former WVW superintendent. Is WVW next?

Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

The entire situation is such a shame. I am, however, not surprised at its occurence, since Luzerne County has invested its tax dollars in this institution. Colleges are best left to private donations. WHen federal, state and particularly local tax dollars are funneled into public colleges, what does one expect, seriously? You would never see any scandal of this sort at Yale or Princeton. In all honesty, facilities the likes of LCCC exist simply as a meat grinder for students who do not either realize of care when it comes to a future ambition in life. It would benefit the country as a whole if public money were withdrawn from institutions of higher learning. Years ago, it was not only a "big deal" to get into college, it was an honor. That, of course, was because only a few could either make the grade cut or afford to attend. High schools today go out of their way to place non deserving children into college. I would caution parents out there that it is not shameful to wake up one morning and realize that your son is only qualified to be a garbage man or a welder and on and on. IN short, everyone is not qualified for college, and that is the pure and plain reality. One that I live with everyday when I look around my classroom. Year ago, when I started out as a teacher, all of my students were deserving and eager for higher education. Now, the liberal giveaway culture has harvested a generation of college students who are, to put it politely, cabbageheads. Let us renew our educational system and kill two birds with one stone by removing tax dollars from the higher educational system and stop corruption at the same time. Class dismissed.

Anonymous said...

Up yours asshole

JediMaster9780 said...

Great idea Prof, let's make sure that less people can go to college. You can do so much with a highschool diploma these days. (sarcasm).

Big Dan said...

How come every picture of Scarantino in the papers, he's insanely laughing? Am I the only one who noticed this?

Every picture of him is like this: