Friday, May 08, 2009

Debit card scandle fizzles

Via McGruff

Back in December Terry Moran-Besecker reported in the Times Leader that the Secret Service completed its initial investigation into the Luzerne County Debit Card probe. The I-Team is reporting it has information that no charges will be filed in that case. While the government acknowledges mismanagement on this issue it appears the actions do not give rise to criminal charges.

As far I know if you use the company's (County) money to pay your personal expenses and not declare it as income is tax evasion. Let's hope the Secret Service report is released to the public even if charges are not filed. Only in Luzerne County can the people involved in this not be fired, at the least. When called to account the abusers of this privilege paid back the county for their questionable expenses although I haven't read of an audit that has documented it.

As Steve Urban once said "We have a jail full of people who wish they could just pay it back."

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Anonymous said...

I am shocked! Shocked I tell you! Nothing has changed!

In that vein, when the fuck are the juvie bros goin to start servin time?