Sunday, June 17, 2012

Idiot watch

Arrest in Plains Little League fire 

Harding man arrested in Plains Little League arson

After getting liquored up at a bar Brian Gashi, 39, of Harding and a friend (who he wouldn't rat out) went looking for a place to rob. They broke into the Plains Little League clubhouse and got away with deep fryer, food, candy, beverages, money, an electronic score board controller and the public address system To top it it off he set fire to place. Those actions make him a scumbag but he rises to level of idiot criminal because he left his cell phone behind.. The cops called a few people on his saved list who told him who he was then arrested him and he confessed to the crime. My favorite Judge let him go earlier,  David Lupas vacated an arrest warrant for Gashi on March 7th. I'm not sure who the bigger idiot is.

I always try to find a video to go along with Idiot Watch (YouTube Weekend) and got 3 suggestions.

Michelle suggested Lady Gaga. I always look for an excuse to post a Gaga video but this really fits with all the prison imagery. 


DB Echo thinks this Robert Cray song speaks to the incident.

I'm also thinking Robert Cray's "Smoking Gun":

I get a constant busy signalWhen I call you on the phoneI get a strong uneasy feelingYou're not sitting there alone
I'm having nasty, nasty visionsAnd baby you're in every one, yeahAnd I'm so afraid I'm gonna find you withA so called smoking gun    Mrs. G 


Anonymous said...

he didnt say he was drung, hes a drug addict looking for shit to steal for money just correcting**

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Rev. Dwight Chandler said...

God bless this lost young man. Ye who be without sin, cast the first stone!!!!!