Friday, June 22, 2012

Kaufer to talk economics

Aaron Kaufer to present his economic plan, PA FIRST, the
Program for Achieving Future Investments by Reforming State Taxes

Kingston, Pa. -- Aaron Kaufer will present his economic plan, PA FIRST, at the American Legion in Kingston on Tuesday. In these tough economic times, it isn’t enough to simply offer the promise of economic solutions tomorrow for the real problems of today. Aaron has developed a plan to stimulate job growth within our state by establishing targeted tax credits aimed at reforming our state’s taxes, streamlining state government, and eliminating the state deficit all while protecting the most vital services in our commonwealth. 

WHEN: Tuesday, June 26, 2012, 7 p.m.
WHERE: American Legion Post 395
386 Wyoming Ave.
Kingston, Pa. 18704.


Anonymous said...

My problem with Kaufer is that he is a Republican and I am just not willing to trust any Republican considering how they have become the Party of No...... except when it comes to corporate America. The Party of No has spent their entire time trying to stop Obama from getting anything accomplished and in our state, they have given complete control to Corbett who is owned by the gas companies. He refuses to tax them, he has cut every program that benefits the people, he is willing to give up the revenues generated by the state stores and smiles and waives like he is the savior of Pennsylvania and a leader of the people. I would be thrilled to see gaming moneys be used for their original purpose, that of helping with real estate taxes.

Anonymous said...

not to be an ass, but isn't it the governor who presents an economic plan? does this gentleman actually know what office he will be running for and his actual responsibilities and duties?

Mean Old Man said...

I'm no funny boy, but looking at this picture of our next President I get a bit teary eyed. What a great man!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

His economic plan will present the ideas he supports and that he will use in drafting his legislation. Member of that State House and Senate are the ones who draft legislation. It does not go to the Governor until after it passes both bodies. He is not presenting an economic plan to be voted on, just detailing his views so voters know what they are getting if they vote for him.