Thursday, June 14, 2012

Meet Rapid Edward

Former PA Governor Ed Rendell will be at the Barnes & Noble at the Arena Hub Plaza in Wilkes-Barre on Friday 7-9PM to sign his book. The name comes from his famous rant about the NFL postponing an Eagles game in 2010 because the weather forecast predicted a blizzard that didn't happen.

HP:  "I think it is a joke," Rendell said, explaining that there was only five inches of snow on the ground when the game would have started. "I was looking forward to this. It would have been a real experience. This is what football is all about. We're becoming a nation of wussies."
The game was supposed to be played on Sunday night, but it was moved to Tuesday for safety concerns.

I first met the Guv at a campaign event in 2002  at the Riverfront in Plains organized by then Luzerne County Controller Steve Flood. I told him to get past the election stuff and get back on  CSN for the Eagles pre and post-game shows like when he was Mayor of Philadelphia that may have helped him win the primary against Bob Casey. He won the general election defeating Atty. General Mike Fisher 53% to 44%. He won reelection in a blowout in 2006 over Steelers great Lynn Swann 60%-40%. 

Many people dubbed him Fast Eddie, especially his political opponents. I think that is disrespectful so I prefer Rapid Edward that a commenter on GrassrootsPA  that is now The Keystone Report (gotta fix that link) came up with. Thanks Conservative Goddess. 
PN: In 2004, Rendell’s car was clocked at traveling more than 100 mph several times in a four-month period.

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D.B. Echo said...

Huh. I thought you named him "Rapid Edward" for his famous contempt for speed limits while traveling the state.