Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hey Computer Geeks

Help me out here. My computer is working fine when I use the Firefox browser but hiccups and crashes when I use Internet Explorer 8.Is there a fix?


Anonymous said...

Don't use Internet Explorer, or as we call it, Internet Exploder. It's horrid. No wonder your computer is crashing... you're using the world's worst browser.

Firefox is meh these days, too. I'm telling you, Google Chrome is the way to go.

What are you trying to do when your computer hiccups and crashes? Are you on specific sites, trying to view specific content? More information is needed - chances are, it's probably based in what content you're trying to view (maybe you dont have flash or shockwave enabled/updated in one browser while you do in another, for example). I wouldn't be surprised if it is browser related, however... Never use IE/Microsoft browsers if you can help it.

This reminds me, I have 3 computers to fix and get back to people that I've been putting off for a while...

Hope that helps,
Casey Evans

Stephen Albert said...

I agree with Casey. I never, ever use Internet Explorer at home. I would suggest using suggest Google Chrome, although use it knowing that someone in Google then probably knows everything about you. Outside of that it works great.

Anonymous said...

Chrome, Gort. I HATE IE. They're all buggy at times, but IE is by far the worst.

Big Dan said...

Gort: nobody I know used Internet Explorer anymore. Don't use it. It's bad.