Friday, July 06, 2012

PA 17th CD: Cartwright vs. Cummings

Andrew Seder had 2 articles in yesterday's TL contrasting the views of Democrat Matt Cartwright and Republican Laureen Cummings.

 Cartwright gets ready for fight

 Cummings seeks funds, recognition

Some choice quotes.

 On the Affordable Care  Act


“It’s a great day in America.” He said while he has been in favor of the overall law and what it does, he did not feel it went far enough. He said if elected, he will “work to strengthen” the act.


“Not only are taxes enormous, but unemployment is above 8 percent,” Cummings said.
“This decision will reawaken the electorate and those Americans who not only want government out of their lives, but also, who refuse to give the IRS even more power than it already has,” she added. “This decision is a rallying cry to elect those of us who will repeal this law and reform our Byzantine tax code."

The President's  executive order on immigration and deportation


He said he’s not for granting amnesty, but he’s also not for rounding up illegals and deporting them.
“This is America. We don’t put 12 million human beings in boxcars and ship them to the coast to be put on freighters. We don’t do that in this country,” Cartwright said.
Cartwright called the president’s order “a stop-gap measure. I’m not thrilled with it” but it moves the issue ahead until Congress can come together to do the same.


“It’s unbelievable that he did it. It can’t stand … It’s appalling that he does the things that he does but it’s not surprising.”

Laureen has set a goal of raising $400, 000 by September and has about $5500 in the bank. Her last FEC report said she raised $300. Matt will not have a problem raising money. Matt said he is not ready to support marriage equality yet but we expect him to get there and suggested using a mobile office to offer constituent services.
I would like to hear what the candidates think of Food Stamps. Andrew may have asked but it didn't make the column inch cut by the editors. 

On June 27th Laureen Cummings posted this to her Facebook wall:

 I know people re-post all sorts of things on Facebook. I know I do it but when I do I agree with the idea. This thing is flying around all the right wing sites including our own Pittston Politics. So does Laureen think that a mother looking for a way to feed her kids in hard times is akin to a wild animal looking for a handout?

I know people who have to use food stamps to feed their families and they are not buying prime rib and lobsters. Most of them work in low paying jobs and are not proud of having to rely on a government a program just to eat, but you got to feed the kids. Sure there are some bad actors who will abuse the system but most of them don't.

When I was growing up my family had to use food stamps from time to time because my father went from one shit job to another and was always being laid off. I cringed when my mother pulled out the food stamp book at the Ack-a-me to pay for the groceries and hoped that none of my classmates spotted us. I skipped the free lunch at school because of the stigma attached and the razzing that would ensue. It really sucks to be poor in this country, then and now.

This guy has never been hungry.


Mean Old Man said...

YOu useless commie!!! Why you post doctored porn pics of great men like the Sainted Sen. Santorum and Governor/Pres. to be Romney is beyond me!!!!

If you ever by chance stop in the Legion, my pals Gummo, Skeets, Creep, Birch and me will show you what a real barnburner looks like!!!!

I hate you....and your stupid subversive blog.
I hate you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Matt Cartwright's never been hungry either.....

Anonymous said...

I'd rather be a lefty socialist commie than an idiot.

Big Dan said...

Food stamps are LESS THAN 1% OF THE BUDGET.

BOMBING (the pentagon) is 50% of the budget.

It's not FOOD STAMPS causing ANYTHING. Apparently, some people are concerned they are being "forced" to help people eat, but not concerned that they are "forced" at a 100x the amount more than food stamps clip for MURDERING people.

Big Dan said...

Now, I'd be for BOTH, as a compromise, let's get rid of the $80million in foodstamps in the budget (less than 1%), and ALSO the ONE TRILLION in the MURDER (bombing) budget.

That's a GREAT COMPROMISE: get rid of BOTH! I'd agree to that!


80,000,000 for food stamps

1,000,000,000,000 for the Murder Budget.

OK, it's a deal!!!

Food stamps are causing NOTHING, as far as the budget...NOTHING. And rightwingers are always whining about it, but never about the TRILLION murder budget.