Friday, November 02, 2012

PA Dems gunning for Toohil

This spot brings up the bong/kissing video that has been taken down from YouTube then makes a policy point about cutting education funding. I had the video a few days before the TL decided to publish it and the pictures were sent to me months ago. The video was shopped around by the same person that left comments on a post I did in May accusing Toohil of having an inappropriate relationship with another House member that I deleted because I didn't think what she did in her personal life was anybody's business.

Most people will give her a break over those pictures as we  all did  things when we were young and irresponsible that we are not proud of. Her response has been somewhat erratic filming a response  paid for by taxpayer money  that tells kids not to do drugs.

Forget the sexy bong video there are plenty of other questions about Toohil.

 Up until 2010 she was a Democrat who wanted to run against Todd Eachus. She got nowhere with that idea and turned to the Republicans and now spouts claptrap about conservative values. 2010 was good Republican year and Eachus was sunk when it came out that he was flying around on Juvie Brother's figure Robert Powell's jet who backed the Hazleton fantasy airport. I was glad to see the back of him.

A look at her campaign finance reports raise some questions.

Looking at the expenditures.

The usual expenses are listed for office supplies, postage, internet and phone service, etc. .There are some things that are different.. 20 charges to the campaign totaling over $700 for gasoline, small checks for lunch and a few meals in DC at The MATCH BOX and BELGA CAFE. What PA interest is she pushing in Washington?

4 bills for dry cleaning totaling. $68.10. Tarah always looks sharp.

Update: Those numbers were from the 2012 report. The 2011 filing lists more lunch tabs, $440 for gas, $57 for dry cleaning and $721 for formal wear from Wedding Bells on 11/21/11. I guess she wanted to look good for Pennsylvania Society get together in New York that her campaign picked up the tab for her hotel room. She looks fabulous in the last picture on the slideshow of this article.  

Puttin' on the ritz at the Academy Ball

Also there are  many unitemized ATM  or smack the MAC withdrawals 

2011 annual report - $782 in petty cash and ATM withdrawals
2012 1st report - $348.90 in petty cash and ATM withdrawals

2011 annual report
Page 30: $360 ATM Withdrawal, no description
Page 31: $40.00 ATM Withdrawal, “petty cash food snacks”
Page 38: $40.00 Cash Withdrawal ATM, “petty cash”
Page 39: $202.00 Cash Withdrawal “petty cash plus fee”
Page 44: $100.00 Cash Withdrawal “petty cash office expense”
Page 44: $721.28 Wedding Bells “formal wear”
Page 45: $40.00 Cash Withdrawal “petty cash”

Page 16: $200.00 Petty Cash “set up office”
Page 22: $100.00 Cash “petty cash cancer dinner”
Page 23: $8.90 Check No Detail #1193
Page 26: $40.00 Cash Withdrawal “petty cash”
Page 26: $100.00 ATM Withdrawal “petty cash”

Then there is the trip to Israel. I've been to Israel and would like to return. The trick is to get some outfit to pay for it.

 The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia ponied up most of the money and Toohil has said the rest came from her own pocket or campaign funds. Betty says The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia personally hand-picked Toohil to go on the Israeli trip, according to The Times Leader.  The organizaton’s director of government affairs, Robin Schatz, told the newspaper that she wanted to get to know Toohil better.  That’s probably because Toohil is just the person to lead the charge in Butler Twp. to stop Iran from developing a nuclear bomb.

Back to the video

 Informed comment on my FB page: Her disgruntled ex-boyfriend promised to blackmail her as part of his continued mistreatment of her and women in general. Those pictures mean absolutely nothing in this election. The person attacking her is a House member. And women should rise up against the way he wants to treat women.

Tarah Toohil has broken the heart of  someone and he has been blasting her on various websites including this one. I deleted the comments. Pa Politics should do the same.


Anonymous said...

You bashed her and defended her. You're a schitzo

Anonymous said...

She hasnt delivered on campaign promises of creating jobs and transperancy.
Hazleton unemployment is one of the highest in the state ,so she goes off on a trip to the middle east with some other rep with his arms wrapped around her waist !
Then she hammered eachus for a plane ride to talk about creating 5000 real life jobs and all you can say is your glad to see the back of him?
Finally transperancy????? Shehas yet to give one clear answer on who, how snd why concdrning a paid lobbyist trip and after all this people give her a pass' why?

She deserves to lose.

Anonymous said...

Rug munching pot head when she was a democrat, seems like a typical liberal. Then she grew up.

Anonymous said...

Puerto Ricans aren't immigrants; they are U.S. citizens... Wow she is as ignorant as Barletta when it comes to immigration.

And she like to eat different ethnic foods.. Wow she is enlightened.

Anonymous said...

i will be voting for toohil, and I am a registered dem card carrying union member...

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:03
Its wht youre an idiot
She voted for right to work legislation that will bring scabs in and untrained workers to take your job!
Then when you go on unemployment you will get screwed there

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why she didn't switch back to Democrat after she won. She knew that she'd have trouble winning in a Democratic district. It's funny how she probably didn't even support any Republican positions before this, and now she's openly embraced the Corbett agenda. Doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

Tarah Toohil isn't a lesbian. Look at the pictures again: She's passing a bong hit through a technique called "shotgunning". It's where you exhale smoke directly into someone else's mouth, so as not to waste it.

But even if she was a lesbian, calling her a rug muncher is unacceptable.

Big Dan said...

Her ACTUAL VOTING RECORD is MORE concern than the Israel/bong/camel/lesbian/pizza thingy:

Tarah Toohil voted FOR disenfranchizing LEGAL VOTERS – HB 934, costing taxpayers $11 MILLION DOLLARS to try and ram an unconstitutional law down our throats.

Tarah Toohil voted FOR fracking on OUR Pennsylvania childrens’ college campuses. – SB 367.

Tarah Toohil was an ORIGINAL SPONSOR of the Pa. bill which would MANDATE THE GOVERNMENT TO FORCIBLY PERFORM AN INVASIVE VAGINAL ULTRASOUND on women considering an abortion. The “anti-big government” gang.


Tarah Toohil opposes access to medical marijuana and decriminalization of marijuana.

In order of issues, I would rank importance:

1. her voting record (horrible)

2. Israel/camel (going to a foreign country for "training", paid for by some Jewish place in Philadelphia??? what???)

3. Bong/lesbian/pizza (I would actually not care about that, if not for the hypocrisy of being from the "family values" party and being against legalizing marijuana).