Friday, September 08, 2006

Skrep knows football

CV: Luzerne County Commissioner Greg Skrepenak will serve as a high school football analyst for a local television station this season.

Skrepenak will appear on WYOU telecasts at 11 p.m. on Thursday nights throughout the season to preview games and provide analysis on prior games' outcomes. He also will appear on the station's Friday night post-game show.....

Skrepenak expects some people may disagree with his decision to appear on the telecasts. Skrepenak plans to run for re-election next year and the analyst position does provide him a different kind of access to Luzerne County residents. Politics has nothing to do with why I am doing this," Skrepenak said. "It's always nice to be visible, but (WYOU) came to me. I did not seek this out. They were looking for someone who had a good knowledge of football and someone who understands high school sports."

Skrep has been active in high school sports for a long time and is a natural choice as a local football analyst. But being on TV in non-political forum can't hurt his election chances just remember what Eagles Post Game Live did for Governor Rendell.

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Bill Fitzpatrick said...

For Eddy did still does
it is perfect becuase it gives him a chance to have people like me agree with him
i still do not think he is a true philly sports amn just that good of a politician, I mean he is from New York abnd lived there until went to college. I now live in Dc and there is a decent chance for the rest of my life, but iw ill never switch teams
Rendell is either a liar to what teams he likes or a trader to his home town, and yes I would consider a routing for another team a bigger affront to the home town then becoming another city's mayor