Tuesday, September 12, 2006

State House news

Political Notes returns to the CV with an update on the activities of a few state house candidates.

Republican Karen Boback is having a get together to support her quest to become the next representative from the 117th district to succeed George Hasay. Her opponent is Democrat Fred Nichols (no website).

John C. Cordora (no website), Republican candidate for state representative in the 120th district continues his uphill struggle to unseat Democrat Phyllis Mundy. So if you want to hear someone yell liberal and leftist and sound like a transcript of the Rush Windbag show this is a must.

A safety summit, hosted by the Christine Katsock(no website, anybody see a pattern here) for State Representative committee, will be held Sunday, Sept. 24 from 1 to 3 p.m. at The Cafe on Route 315 in Plains Township. Her opponent for the 121st district seat held by the retiring Kevin Blaum is Democrat Eddie Day Pashinski.

A note. The absence of a website shows a lack of understanding of how politics is evolving. I got a campaign flyer from Christine a few weeks ago that listed one but I can't find it.


Chris said...

who uses the internets these days? Nobody, I tells ya, nobody!

Oh, the results are in in RI, if you are interested(on my site). Chafee held on against his conservative challenger. Either outcome was good for Democrats, because Whitehouse would've romped against Laffey, and Chafee is moderate anyway.

Bill Levinson said...

"John C. Cordora (no website)"

And no platform or constructive ideas either, from what I can tell.

"Republican candidate"

Just because an empty suit has an elephant pin on its lapel does not mean I am willing to acknowledge it as a fellow Republican, and the same for the so-called Republican candidate for the 20th Senate District.

Phyllis Mundy has been working to fix the state's health care crisis while protecting everyone in Northeast PA (not just her own constituents) from Blue Cross' attempts to raise its premiums to help pay for golf memberships and other extracurricular activities. (Bob McNamara's opponent had the job of giving away Blue Cross' money to various "worthy causes.") While all this was going on, Mundy's opponent has been harder to find than Waldo in "Where's Waldo?" This is hardly surprising because Waldo is actually somewhere IN those pictures.