Sunday, September 17, 2006

State legislature debates set

WILKES-BARRE – A public debate between Christine Katsock and Eddie Day Pashinski, the respective Republican and Democratic candidates running for the 121st Legislative District, is set for 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 28, at King’s College Burke Auditorium.

The following public forums, all of which begin at 7 p.m., are slated for next month:

• Oct. 5, Maureen Tatu and Michael Carroll, running for the 118th Legislative District, will
debate at the Pittston High School Auditorium in Yatesville.

• Oct. 12, state Rep. Phyllis Mundy and John Cordora, running for the 120th Legislative District, will debate at Wyoming Seminary in Kingston.

• Oct. 17, Karen Boback and Fred Nichols, running for the 117th Legislative District, will debate at Penn State’s Hayfield House in Lehman.

• Oct. 19, Lisa Baker and Robert J. McNamara, running for the 20th Senatorial District, will debate at College Misericordia.

• Oct. 26, state Rep. John Yudichak and Ed Sieminski, running for the 119th Legislative District, will debate at Luzerne County Community College’s Conference Center in Nanticoke.


Anonymous said...

Where is Congressman Kanjorski and that guy Leoanrdi you've posted about???

Bill Fitzpatrick said...

Kanjorski has agreed to debate Leonardi on the third tuesday of november

D.B. Echo said...

Is it true that Maureen Tatu will dress like a Russian scholgirl and make out with another woman dressed as a Russian schoolgirl for the duration of the debate?

Wait...we've done that one already...

My word verification word is hudtuku. Seems appropriate.

Whoops...maybe it was hudtvkv. Now it's zpzwo.

Anonymous said...

Wait...that's unfair! Tatu is the "only sitting elected official of the 118th" and wife of a Master Chef (or was that chief?) and has 5 grown children (not all from the same husband), surely she is most qualified!

Anonymous said...

Cordora is going to kill Mundy in that debate. When he screams liberal and calls her a baby killa' then she's gonna cry into the arms of ummm well no one she's divorced hasn't been seen with a man in years and her kids off playing in California, well maybe Phyllis will fly him in. I said it months ago, John Cordora will be the nex rep. of the 120 fool sucka'

Anonymous said...

John Cordora is a loser. A psycho, a zero, a non-factor.

He will not even hit the 40% mark. He has as much of a shot as does Christine Katsock. It's not going to happen. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

Don't even know the guy but 40% seems like it would make an impact. It says something about the voters.

Most of these "debates" are just political commercials anyway. In the format proposed nothing is debated - each candidate gives their answer to a question. They usually don't get the opportunity to address each other directly. That's a debate. Let 'em go at it.

I'll never understand why people bash people trying to get involved. At least this guy's trying.