Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

This is biggest thing since the Tinky-Winky gay scandal. I'm watching the show now. Thanks to Huge Tiny Mistake for the pic.


D.B. Echo said...

Number one in tha hood, G.

My first introduction to ATHF was ayt work where we Authored a few DVDs for cartoon network. Our contact at the network is heavily into the show (her name appears, blacked out, in a memo reproduced on the back of one of the boxed sets - you have to tilt it in the light just the right way to see the name). I told her that Meatwad was my new role model, and she asked me if I could trabsform my body into a hot dog. I refrained from making any "Polish sausage" jokes, or any response at all, on the grounds that I might be immediately terminated.

Bill Fitzpatrick said...

the show is ok, on sunday nights its between fmaily guy and futurama
But thw things, it is not a proper advetisemnt becuase the whatever guy is giving the finger, not proper for the strees of a public city. The company, maybe even turner should be criminally charged
also were these paid dvertisemnts or just randomly placed.
the guys who posted them should be put in jail for not taken the matter seriously, On the other hand Boston should not have reacted the way they did, but some blame them for not knowing enough about culture which is a stupid arguement becuase it is not the job of government to study the arts.
I do think Turner is doing the right thing by going beyond the call of duty by paying restitution. and therefroe cleared of obsenity charges mentioned above. The two retards can do extra time

D.B. Echo said...

Obscenity would be a little hard to prove with a character as sketchy as a Mooninite. In the picture above, it could easily be assumed that it is holding a cross.

I think that up until this incident this publicity campaign was probably a resounding failure. Three weeks and nobody noticed? And using a character only recognizable to people who are already fans? And no message attached? Maybe this was phase 1, and there was a second phase coming - a "find the Mooninites" game for each city , say, or a "Mooninite Invasion" campaign. But just sticking obscure characters in obscure places doesn't do much to advertise a product.

Bill Fitzpatrick said...

thats true I am a causual fan of the show and I can only think of the french Fry , shake, meatball, and the dude next door

danny said...

I think the jailhouse steps interview with the two promoters in Beantown should be nominated for YouTube video of the year.

Chris said...

thanks for the link