Saturday, February 03, 2007

PNC Field

It's a NASCAR world. Everything has to have a sponsor. The Red Barons are now the Yankees and the Lackawanna County Stadium will be known as PNC field. I know why they sell the naming rights but I don't have to like it. As I said in an earlier post:

Are you ready for the Viagra Courthouse Tower or the Depends Public Restroom. Instead of Moon Lake Park lets call it the Exxon Valdez Wildlife Sanctuary. Why stop with buildings why not rename the river the Pennsylvania American Waterway and I'm sure many roads and streets can be auctioned off to lawfirms that make their money by chasing ambulances after auto accidents. We have many culm banks that can use a better name than big ugly black things. How about tattooing on Skrep's forehead. I think most politicians should be sponsored by e-bay because they go to the highest bidder.


the much maligned anonymous poster said...

Hi Gort,

Actually like your idea. Anything to take the burden off the taxpayer.


Jennifer said...

I'm pretty sure they would have named it Yankee Stadium - except that name is already taken. Maybe "Little Yankee Stadium" is available?

t.g. said...

tmmap - It does not take the burden off of the taxpayer. If anything, it makes the corporations stronger and gives them more lobbying power to ask for more tax dollars.

Anyway, they ran an article a while back asking what people thought about Vonerskrep's idea to sell advertising space on the levee. I responded to the 'journalist' saying "the day they put advertiements and the levee is the day I wish the graffitti artisits a windless afternoon.

peace - t.g.

t.g. said...

I should use "preview" more often.

they = local paper
and the levee = on the levee
close quotes

peace - t.g.