Saturday, May 12, 2007


Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and sometimes it rains- Crash Davis

I haven't posted about baseball since the start of the season as was pointed out in a recent e-mail by a disgruntled Phiilies fan. The Phillies got off to the usual slow start in April and are now seven games out of 1st place. The bullpen stinks and they leave the bases loaded all the time. The most consitent pitchers have been Jamie Moyer and Cole Hamels but you need more than 2 guys. Pat the Bat had two HRs yesterday with 5 RBIs coming out of a slump. Ryan Howard hit a salami after sitting for a couple of days. Maybe they should use him as a DH but that rule is not allowed in the NL. Barajas can't hit and the best hitter on the team is Rowand .

All the attention is on Bary Bonds breaking the all time home record of Hank Aaron that no one seems to be thrilled about and the the Rocket is going back to New York.

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