Thursday, May 17, 2007

Some potentially competative races

In the Luzerne County Sheriffs race incumbent Republican Barry Stankus will face Michael Savokinas. Stankus was the surprise winner in 1999 after then Sheriff Carl Zawatski's car was wrecked because he said he was swerving to avoid hitting a dog a few blocks from a local watering hole that his daughter was seen that night having a grand ole time. The accusation was the she was actually driving the car and Carl took the wrap to cover up for her. Nothing was ever proved. Stankus has done a good job a should win reelection but the Dems are looking for a sweep of the row offices.

The Recorder of Deeds race will be interesting. Incumbent Republican Mary K. Dysleski has seen 2 long time employees confess to stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the office. Dysleski is not being accused of anything but the thefts happened on her watch. Former Avoca Mayor and bar owner James Red O’Brien was unopposed in the Democratic primary.

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