Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I voted

Like LVDem I love to vote. Twice a year we get a say on who is going to make decisions on our behalf. The scene at my polling place was something. Probably 50 yard signs and 20 poll workers, unlike the last election . Local elections in Luzerne County always have a committed following. Many peoples jobs depend on them.

One candidate for Plains Township Commissioner (Robert Sax) was at St. Joe's and I asked him what he wanted to do with the slots money from Mohegan Sun. He said he wanted to use it to reduce property taxes. I suggested to him if he was successful that the town fathers should squirrel some of it away to deal with future emergencies such as the November floods or the Valentines Day snowstorm. He agreed. The present board has already budgeted the $2 million windfall. So I voted for Mr. Sax. The 3 incumbents will probably win. In the School Board race I voted for Frank Sorick and only him. My reasoning was he wasn't an incumbent or endorsed by the local Democratic machine and he's not Frank Pizzella.

There are some other bloggers covering today's events real time. Those Happy Bearded Schmoes John Micek and John Morgan will be with us all night. Chris has an open thread at GrassrootsPA and the Yonk had a voting adventure. Early bird Jane and PSoTD are asking about turnout. Bernie is too.

Below is some of the paraphernalia that was handed to me as I entered my voting place today. Ron Filippini's chit looked like something I could cash in at the local Pub for a drink and Frank Pizzella gave us a nail file. I'm touched that Frank is concerned about my hygiene.

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