Thursday, May 03, 2007

A deal for Hugo?

Hugo Selenski wrote a letter to the Citizens Voice that they decided not to publish but did a story on it. Kinda lame, they should publish it. The most newsworthy thing is the charge that Jackie-Mo offered a deal:
I’ll give you something to ponder by taking you back to early 2005,” Selenski wrote. “Jackie Musto Carroll walked up to attorney Demetrius Fannick in the courthouse and said, ‘Tim, is there any possibility of a plea agreement with Hugo? Dave (Lupas) knows his career is over if he loses this case.’ That sounds like a politically loaded question that only cares about furthering careers rather than being a protector of Luzerne County.”
And Lupas ' opponent, Tom Marsillio, for the Judge seat keeps hammering away at him. The Mary Leo ad is emotional and deceptive as a commentor on the TL website points out:
A Lupas ad claims he was responsible for the capture and conviction of the murderer of Mary Leo. I thought W-B PD caught him when he was linked to a stolen cell phone and then the guy confessed to the Leo murder. There was nothing to go to trial; he confessed. Just curious.

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Tara said...

Man, the whole letter would've been two pages long. If he would've sent it to the TL, I bet it most likely would have been published. It's funny how the CV doesn't even justify why they decided not to publish the letter yet use excerpts for their little story.

I agree about Lupas's ad. I saw a promo for the WBRE 11pm news and Andy Mehalshick said something about local campaign ads, maybe being inappropriate? (Can't remember the exact wording.) I wonder if he'll mention this one; I wouldn't be surprised.