Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Fair tax

Tonight Mrs. G came up with a good idea for funding the state government. Tax toilet paper in addition to the sales tax. Instead of picking on smokers, drinkers, etc. enact of a tax that would wipe across the whole population. You can live without many things but TP is not one of them so the revenue stream is guaranteed even in a recession. That's why we own stock in P&G.

Bad puns and bathroom humor are expected in the comments.

Update: Bottom-up environmentalism


McGruff said...

If we use toilet paper for tax does that mean the governement put money in our hands???

Does that mean if I use toilet paper that has lips printed on it I can say they can kiss my ass over that tax?

Does that mean if I use toilet paper printed to look like money that I can say if the government can print money to pay for programs it can't afford I can say I'm wiping my ass with cash I can't afford?

Does it then become dirty money? Am I flushing my savings down the toilet?

Have I now become the government sending money down the toilet?

If I use less toilet paper am I saving money and paying less tax?

If it's P&G toilet paper does that mean I am looking at their Profit and Gloss statement?

If I use colored toilet paper does that make me a racist?

What happens when the end of toilet paper occurs? Does the government stop working? Is that an oximoron?

Or does it mean that using toilet paper for tax means we are paying our bills with paper money?

thought u should know said...

G taxing tp is how Whitman became gov of new Jersey, Jim Florio increased taxes and adding the sales tax to tp was part og the plan, the state house and gov mansion was sent a lot of tolietpaper some of it used.

There are many problems with what is taxbale and what is not.

Soda is taxable but i dont think bottled water is. and candy is not(damn chocalate lobby)

Soap is taxable but icecream is considered a necessity.

Scope mouthwash a luxery, but listerne is not taxable.

Penutbutter is tax free but jelly(ky) is not.

you pay

Dana said...

I don't know, other people have discussed this, but this is an issue we need to put behind us.

Anonymous said...

imagine if people cut down on their toilet paper because of this. then we should take up the asian custom of bowing instead of shaking hands