Saturday, October 03, 2009

Kanjo responds

Statement by Ed Mitchell on behalf of the Kanjorski campaign (PA-11) on O’Brien announcement:

Congressman Kanjorski looks forward to a full and thorough debate of his record and the issues in the primary election.“He believes that in today’s tough economic times we need a Congressman who has a record of fighting for veterans’ benefits, protecting Social Security and Medicare for seniors and pushing for job creation and affordable health care for all working families.

“Congressman Kanjorski is the best person to do that.”

Kanjorski's campaign website is

Kanjorski Democrat Standing Up For Us

His government site is

Congressman Paul E. Kanjorski Proudly Serving the 11th District of Pennsylvania


Anonymous said...

When will he start

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I see this as campaign BS. If Sistak can win he Primary, he will not have a chance in the General. What we don't need is another Republican in Washington marching lockstep with the Southern Conservative Bible Thumpers and representing private insurance and drug companies. Sen Specter has voted consistently to protect the working man and that's a fact!