Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Carl Romanelli

The Green Party Senate candidate Carl Romanelli is still in limbo but he will be on PCN tonight.

7:00 PM PCN Call-In, Carl Romanelli - LIVE Green for U.S. Senate

At least this whole petition bruhaha has provided some entertainment.

HARRISBURG — The Democrats and the Green Party just can’t seem to get along.

Then again, it’s hard to be friendly toward someone who calls you a slimeball or a maggot. Since mid-August, volunteers for both parties have spent each weekday holed up in a conference room at the Capitol going over the nomination papers of Carl Romanelli, the Green Party’s candidate for U.S. Senate. Democrats claim Mr. Romanelli submitted thousands of bogus voter signatures and should be denied a spot on the Nov. 7 ballot.


Bill Fitzpatrick said...

by challengeing Romanelli The Democrats take a big risk
If they get him off the ballot they basically succeed
But if they fail and he stays on the ballot, he has more recognition then he would have gotten,if they just ignored him. When Specter won in 2004 with a Constition candidate and a libeterion candiate on the ballot he basically must ignored and so did the voters. Instead of being small factor Casey has turned Romanelli into a bigger factor if he gets on the ballot

Anonymous said...

Haha is that Romanelli at Greco's restaurant Oyster!!!! Now that is hilarious.

r.moshki said...

Carl looks the part for a certain TV series.

Joyful Alternative said...

All sane Greens seem to be avoiding this whole thing. The Green petition checkers are sometimes people who sign in as "GOP--SANTORUM" and sometimes temps whose agency told them they'd be working for Democrats.