Sunday, May 20, 2007

Whoever invented the pitch count should be shot

I'm watching the Braves and Red Sox and the rookie Kason Gabbard is throwing a shutout into the sixth inning then gives up 2 hits. Francona pulls him because he's up to 100 pitches. Of course the next guy comes in and the Braves score a run. Earlier today Adam Eaton threw 6+ innings of shutout ball and had a 5-0 lead but he had 109 pitches and was replaced by Geoff Geary who made a blowout into an interesting game by giving up 3 home runs.

I'm just old fashioned. I don't care what the pitch count is, if a guy is throwing a shutout let him out there until he gives up a run or his arm falls off.

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PA progressive said...

But Gort, reading this article juxtapositioned above the gas one I have to ask: if that happens how does your pitcher buy gas to get to the park for his next game? With gas prices of an arm and a leg it won't be long until he's out of limbs, having lost one already on the mound.

p.s. I hate pitch counts too.