Thursday, October 01, 2009

Who has money to waste on politicians?

A recent comment asked "How do you go about finding all money michael pasonick gave out and to who?"

Start with the Federal Election Commission for US House and Senate races. Open Secrets donor lookup is also a great tool.

Then move on to the Pennsylvania Department of State election website which has a Contribution Search feature.

The Luzerne County Campaign Finance Reporting page is a little tougher to navigate since all reports are scanned and there is not a search option.

I've been reading the local campaign finance reports and will tell you what I find but I need your help. There is no way that I can read all these reports before the election so I am asking for some help fellow Gortian's or should I say Fortytwooer's. Read the reports and report back what you find.

One thing that keeps keeps jumping out at me is the in-kind contributions from businesses. I thought it was illegal for a candidate or political organization to accept a contribution from a business even in Pennsylvania.


Joe said...

Gort, you'll need more resources than the feds to follow that money trail.
Joe V

Gort said...

No shit Joe :)

That is why I am asking for help.

Anonymous said...

It is only illegal to accept donations from corporations. Proprietorships and partnerships are OK.