Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Immigration again

Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta continues his one trick pony campaign as he tries to unseat Congressman Paul Kanjorski. This web ad takes issue with the standing ovation that members of Congress gave the President of Mexico when he addressed a joint session. I can't actually spot Kanjo in this clip but you get the idea.

I hope that Barletta is not advocating a repeat of that disgusting display that happened outside the Kirby Center in Wilkes-Barre when the former President of Mexico Vincente Fox came to town in 2008 when the crowd was chanting "Deport Vincente Fox " and other ugly things.

I'm sure that if Barletta somehow gets to be a member of Congress he will be polite to a foreign Head of State. The woman yelling into the megaphone reminded me of this for some reason.

El alcalde Lou Barletta quiere ver sus papeles and he agrees with the Obama Administration that the US military should be used in law enforcement but wants more troops. For more than a hundred years it has been illegal to use the US military to do law enforcement and that's the way it should be.

Locally the Forty Fort council has decided that they don't want any of "those people" to move into their town voting 5-1 to support the Arizona Immigration law. Last I checked Forty Fort doesn't have an illegal immigration problem. The only sane person on the council on this issue is Joe Chacke who voted against the resolution.

"It's always been my belief, my philosophical, political belief, that immigration is a federal issue," he said. "Local governments and state governments don't belong in illegal immigration. The country is divided and it's going to come to a head at some point, but I just don't think it's Arizona's or Forty Fort's position to address it.

Update: From Ed Mitchell
"Congressman Kanjorski didn't even attend the joint session. Don't let facts get in the way of your propaganda, Lou"


Anonymous said...

Shootings, 70% increased property taxes, increased fees, roads falling apart, multi million dollars lawsuits pending,

I have to ask , where is the public outcry????????

Better yet, where is Barlettas vision for correcting these issues. ( oh they do have a vision, a fking dog park!)

it cant all be about immigration.

He cant be a Mayor, but wants to be a Congressman?

Anonymous said...

PRINCETON, La., May 12 (UPI) -- The general economic malaise usurped unemployment and jobs as the top concern among U.S. residents, a Gallup Poll released Wednesday indicated.

Americans also were more likely to list immigration, including illegal immigration, as the nation's most pressing problem, moving that issue into fifth place overall, Gallup said of its monthly measure of what the public perceives as the nation's most important issues.

The 10 percent of respondents citing immigration or illegal immigration in the latest poll is the highest Gallup recorded in more than two years, the Princeton, N.J., polling agency said.

The top problems survey participants named as the most important facing the country were the economy; unemployment/jobs; healthcare-related issues; federal government/politics; immigration/illegal aliens; federal budget deficit/debt; lack of money; terrorism, moral/ethics issues, national security, environment and the war in Iraq.

And Kanjorski isn't a one trick pony talking about financial reform? He keeps talking but look at the mess we are in that he never prevented.

Mitchell needs to be reminded of his commercial from last campaign when he tied Kanjorski to Obama's hip by proclaiming they were the right team. Some team...are there better players that can be called from the bench?

Property tax increases due to illegals not paying taxes but utilizing that what you mean...btw be honest about third class city taxes and the fact that Hazleton was stimed at 25 mills for about 30 years due to state law....roads a mess because Democrats Eachus and Kanjorski have choked a Republican governed Hazleton from any funding state or federal that what you mean..multi million dollar lawsuits the ones due to the BP spill and the Obama administration's lack of response..every day any action that is taken by a government or business has the potential to be a lawsuit...are the lawsuits because the issue is real or the fact that Democratic opponents can't defeat Barletta in an election so they figure they will try their case in court over contrived be real...

Let's use a Mitchell's tactic...We have hashed these issues in prior elections but Barletta still won the Mayor's race...Mitchell knows that his horse is tired and judging by some of his comments bordering on senile..."this the best economy in all of mankind"...

Big Dan said...

Here's what Barletta wants for Hazleton and then Pa. -

Arizona immigration law may increase Phoenix foreclosures - SB 1070 could drive out residents, slow rebound

Big Dan said...

Please don't let Lou Barletta get in there, or they will think WE here in the north are a bunch of HICK like the Confederacy down south and Arizona.

Big Dan said...

anonymous says: "And Kanjorski isn't a one trick pony talking about financial reform? He keeps talking but look at the mess we are in that he never prevented. "

Bush/Paulson started the first bailout of the banksters as a parting gift from Bush on his way out. And somehow the financial crisis was Kanjorski's fault???

And where are the links for "illegals" not paying property taxes? Please post them. What services are they utilizing? Please list them.

Why does everyone forget the FIRST bailout was Bush/Paulson/Bernanke??? As one of Bush's last parting gifts???

Big Dan said...

One more thing: what about OUTSOURCING JOBS??? THAT is worse than illegal immigration. Hiring Americans FIRST should be a top issue, with all these corporations firing all these American workers and outsourcing jobs to India, China, etc...and subverting U.S. laws such as our minimum wage and all other U.S. worker laws. It's a way around unions, too.

Why doesn't Barletta have that as a BIGGER issue: outsourcing American jobs???

Also, I want to know TWO questions from Barletta and ALL GOP candidates that no one is asking them:

1. Are you for banning contraception

2. You say you are against federal spending, how about the biggest federal spending, more than all others combined: military spending. You're not serious about cutting spending, if you don't include military spending. You just aren't serious.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1103
you write like a famous dog,
you cant be........nah you arent. lmao.

El alcalde de Hazleton Lou Barletta está tomando su tercer disparo en la sede del Congreso de 11 y una barbacoa para programar 18:00, 22 de junio en la parrilla de Damon Estado Carr. 120. 93 de Hazleton, PA y estará a Dooley's Pub, 120 Oak Street, Old Forge a partir de las 18:00. No he comprobado el menú para ver si puedo conseguir un burrito o algunos de nacho

Sorry Shawn, I just can't help it

Anonymous said...

Why I cant vote for Kanjo too much waste on his payroll the Mahers, Werner, Terrana, and can't forget fast Eddie Mitchell and his great political mind. He sure helped the Mayor out good in his Senate run. A Lou win will equal all these waste have to get real jobs.

Stephen Albert said...

No need to point fingers at Lou Barletta for being a race-baiting swine...he apparently is intent on proactively and openly proving the point all on his own.

Seriously...10% unemployment and he wants us to focus on the evil brown horde from the south? Oh wait, I suspect that is the fault of Mexico as well*, along with teen pregnancy, the growth of youth soccer leagues, rumors of Sarah Palin's breast implants AND the heartbreak of psoriasis.

I don't like Paul Kanjorski...he has added new meaning to the phrase "family business"...but it will be a cold day in hell before I vote for Lou Barletta. Fortunately Kanjorski is getting a lot of help in this campaign...mainly from Lou Barletta.

(*) for the record NAFTA was signed into law by a Republican, George H.W. Bush

Anonymous said...

I agree with 355 there are no bigger waste then Maher, Teranna, Werner, and Mitchell. They all got to go. I wont vote for Lou so maybe I will vote for Gort 42 for Congress. Kanjo is not a favorite of the DCCC and after getting all the help he got in 08 those people are not helping him this time. Lou will be in Congress for two years and then get voted out because it is such a highly Democratic district.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the 11th District, apparently incumbent Democrat Paul Kanjorski owes his party’s campaign arm some cash. The Washington Post reports that Kanjorski is one of many Democrats holding onto his campaign funds despite pleas from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Kanjorski, The Post says, hasn’t paid his $250,000 DCCC dues.

Anonymous said...

Lous does have a plan to resolve Hazleton's financial problems ....... He is getting out of town! Good plan Lou, please allow me to buy you a ticket to Phoenix

Anonymous said...

Lou and his barking Dog, are all about spin and NO substance. If it weren't for eachus and kanjo to blame Louie might have to look himself in the mirror. Louie's dog writes so well for him maybe he can get a job writing at the Standard Speaker.

Anonymous said...

check out this site, lets see what captions people can come up with!

mine is
"The box said i would have a movement in 30 minutes."