Thursday, June 10, 2010

You can't trust bloggers

The Blogfather is defending a left leaning bloggers reporting about the explosion in western PA of a gas well because a local talk radio gasbag has decided that the controversy about the Marcellus Shale gas drilling is his issue. Someone had the audacity to mention on his show that a blogger had tried to get to the details and was cut off because "we don't know who they are."

The blogger in question is Mike Morrill of Keystone Progress who tried to get access the site but reports "they not only wouldn’t let me on the site, they told me I might be shot for being on their property and then sent thugs to chase me and threaten me."

More from Markie:

He went on to say that the accurate information comes from the print media and...wait for it radio.

Mark has been all over this issue since 2008 and Kayak Dude warns that water pollution is a real worry. Read the profile of Don in the CV, he knows what he is talking about.

Bloggers are doing great work on this issue and have been far ahead of the traditional media.

Another Monkey

GDAC - Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition

Frack Mountain

Breathing is Political

Gas Wells Are Not Our Friends


There are many more so if I missed you let me know.


Anonymous said...

It is time to turn off Steve Corbett. He thrives off of negativity and misinformation. He is an asshole. I recently pulled all of my advertising from WILK because of him!

Forrest Gump said...

ANON 11:22a.m. good for you. Lets hope other advertisers follow your lead and maybe we can put Corbett on the side lines like Kevin Lynn.

I have been saying the same thing since shortly after he came on the air. He is a sensationalist, who is only concerned about ratings and himself.

Don't be misled by his outrage over the gas drilling. It is not genuine and is only a ploy to get more listeners. He probably couldn't care less.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone read Corbett's BLOG?? He is calling the gas people carpet baggers. And they are, but so is he? He is such a sanctimonious jack ass that he doesn't get it. He was NOT born here. He is not a native NEPA person. He is a carpet bagger too. While the gas companies will exploit the land for money, Corbett exploits peoples fears and insecurities for his own profit. The damage he as done on the pysche of the local people maybe just as harmful as any other.

Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

Carpetbagging is not necessarily an evil thing. King coal heated homes and progressed the industrial revolution a century plus ago. Yet, the little children of today call the company owners Coal Barons. Progress takes sacrifice and had it not been for the true AMerican work ethic of the miners and the existence of imminent domain, we would all still be living by the candle and washboard. MR.Corbett screams about the possibility of residents losing mineral rights when he and the youngsters seem to have no idea that there is not a single home in NEPA that has a deed that does NOT have mineral rights per the PA Coal Co. This is as it should be, without big industry, the US would have faltered as a third world country. Yet the crybaby left, bemoans the very fact of which they are a beneficiary. Class dismissed!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing how you amateurs attack Corbett rather than try to learn to do real journalism. poor babies.

Anonymous said...

Steve Corbett is not a journalist. He is a paid spokesperson for corporations and companies. Journalist are not paid to advertise. He prostitutes himself like a streetwalker for money.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wannabee journies always attack, like little weenie puppy pit bulls with baby teeth. nepa is loaded with good journies. they paid their dues. they prodce. we know who they are. corbett is an elder statesman. period.

Mr. F said...

Oh my. Anon 5:02

You are defending Corbett, demeaning journalists (Bloggers), and you can't spell.

Didn't you notice all of the words underlined in red?

You are a true Corbett groupie.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the above poster. Journalist do NOT do paid commercials period. Once you cross that line there is no going back. He has given up his journalism credentials. Which is fine. He has now become an entertainer, that is what a radio talk show is, not reporters, not journalist, they are entertainers. Facts are irrelevant, honesty is irrelevant, the only thing that is relevant is ratings, which he has so far delivered. Of course part of the deal for anyone in disc jockey or in his case talk jock is that he has to shill for advertisers, but that is the deal when you enter the radio entertainment field. But Corbett is embarrassed that he sold out, because he had nowhere else to go when he got fired in California. None of the local papers wanted him. So he sold his soul for a paycheck, which is what he had to do. He just doesn't want to admit it.
His radio schtick is to be Mr. Negative. He is angry and unhappy with the hand life dealt him. He had to leave California and come back here. He plays upon the fears and insecurity of the locals to fuel his ratings. Is act is that of a hate monger, never satisfied with anything or anyone. He attacks some people rightfully and others who are trying to do a good job. It matters not to Corbett. His show is about hate.

Mark said...

He started his show today by yammering on and on about how when he gets involved in an issue, it's this, that and everything noble. He fights. He sure loves to use the word "fight."

And then he said rather than being on an "ego trip," somebody ought to get more involved in this fight. Somebody ought to do more than they have.

Was that goof responding to me?

If so, allow me to say that certifiable results will never be the result of plasticity.

Anonymous said...

What does an A-hole and Steve Corbett have in common. They are both surrounded by unkempt hair and spew a lot of crap!

Anonymous said...

Yawn. Corbett writes another solid news column online today and all you yappers are writing about him. That's the difference between journalism and what you see in the mirror when you're posing as wannabe reporters and commentators. You're also all listening.

Anonymous said...

Corbett not a journalist? The AP recently chose him and his show as the best talk show in the state. Guess they're not journalists either.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gort,

It looks like Entercom has assigned a staffer to troll the blogs.

Anonymous said...

Professor Milburn Cleaver, I have read your previous postings with a smile but this post is pure bullshit. You obviously never witnessed a man struggling to breathed or listened to stories from elderly family who recall how the "company" charged them for everything under the sun from food to clothing and even the dynamite they used to extract their black gold. You apparently have no idea of the cruelty of the "Coal Barons". You apparently have never heard of the poor miner who was killed and brought home and dumped on the front porch. That isn't a joke, it actually happened. They lived in squaler in company owned homes and did little more than exist and you have the balls to sit in your comfrotable chair and smugley speak of safrifice and how those who did, did so like it was a badge of honor. I can honestly say that if I stood and heard you run your mouth with such bullshit, I promise you I would slap that smug attitude right off your face. You mister are no professor and you mister are no Christian and you mister are no man.

Anonymous said...

Corbett was not recognized as a journalist, he received a reward as a talk show host. He began his local career working as a scab and to me that says it all. He demands to be treated as a "news guy" and claims to have a journalist's credentials but make no mistake, he is simply a frustrated talk show host, nothing more and nothing less. Certainly it is obvious that he thinks well of himself and I don't fault him for that. I do smile when I hear him speak of how this person or that person should call him and honor the position that Corbett has elevated himself to. Maybe the recent ratings should be published and many might be surprised at the real numbers he boasts about, truly not impressive and actually nothing to brag about. All of the radio hosts hype products and that includes Rush Limbaugh and Dr Savage. It is part of their life and a necessity to keep advertising dollars in the till. Finally a note on spelling ... who gives a shit as long as the thought is understood. Only a real pompous wannabe would take the time to point out spelling errors.

Anonymous said...

You guys are truly sad and really need to take a journalism course or peddle papers or something rather than stroking each other aka gort and markee and the rest of you frustrated self-absorbed heymaloookatmeees.

Mark said...

Hey 7:12 (How sad is it that I have to call someone out by their Blogger-assigned timestamp?), if you have a valid point worthy of consideration, then fu>king make it already.

Otherwise, slink back off to that effeminate place from where you and your fellow pussies feel safe while taking pot shots at others who have actually let it fly in public with a name and an occasional face attached.

Journalism? What the fu>k would you know about journalism?

Last I checked, a journalist of any assorted stripe attaches a name to his or her or it's work. Something that was obviously lost upon you, being a pussy and all.

And let us get this Great Corbett bashing very straight as far as my involvement is concerned.

He and I have traded many, many barbed emails over the many long months, and only he wanted to go to the dojo and fight.

I told him I don't fight old men dancing around in their pretend Karate Kid pajamas. He mistakenly took that as a sign of weakness or fear. His mistake.

But I'll say this much for myself.

At the end of every single email or reply I sent his way, I also provided my cell phone number. And never once--not even once--did he bother to call me.


You tell me, you're the expert.

I'm thinking he shys away from those he knows he can not bully by way of his self-crafted mirage of an image. I'm thinking the very last thing he wants is to hear from those who do not worship him from their knees.

I'm thinking he believes bloggers to be easy targets because of the sterotypes he does his level-best to perpetuate, and the bloggers that still stubbornly cling to fake names.

But what he does know full well is that this particular blogger is not impressed by him or any of his oft-shouted bullspit.

He won't call me, but he still reserves the right to bash me?

This pap...this bunk...this usual filth comes from the long-winded blowhard that says, "We need to talk."

He is a clown, sans the makeup and the wig.

Sez me.

D.B. Echo said...

You know, I guess it's up to us elected officials to be political about this...

I just posted a link to the Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition ( on Corbett's "blog" (

Maybe it won't do much to get him on board, but maybe some of the people who go to that post will follow that link and learn more, and then follow the links from there.

Big Dan said...

From a first hand source, I was told that Corbett said that bloggers are "columnist wannabes".

Here's what's funny: BOTH real liberals and real conservatives have LONG known that the mainstream print media AND radio have been bought out by a few corporations and are "controlled". So that's pretty funny, that Corbett says we should trust print media. The same goes for ALL the major networks, who purport to be "liberal" or "conservative", and they are neither.

Since the mainstream media was virtually 100% bought up by corporations, they relay the interests and points of view of: corporations, the wealthiest few, and the military.

Watch Noam Chomsky's "Manufacturing Consent":

Noam Chomsky: Manufacturing Consent

I guess Corbett thinks he's smarter than Noam Chomsky.

So, we have Noam Chomsky saying the mainstream media has been usurped to "manufacture consent" of Americans for the views of corporations (that OWN the mainstream media), the wealthiest few (Rockefellers, etc...who are NEVER IN THE MEDIA, THINK ABOUT THAT), and the military (Pentagon pundits on TV portrayed as unbiased "experts").

On the other side, we have Steve Corbett saying to trust the print media.

The media calls ITSELF "liberal", so it DEFINES for you what "liberal" is, and don't go beyond that point. "Liberal COP", it's called.

The question isn't "is the media liberal"...they define that question THEMSELVES (framing), so no one asks the question: who OWNS the so-called liberal media??? And it's not a bunch of liberals!!!

Who controls the OUTPUT of the mainstream media? The OWNERS, not the WORKERS. Are the workers FREE to write whatever they want? No.

Noam Chomsky: MYTH of the "liberal media"

And by "elites", Chomsky doesn't mean "liberals", that's another WARPED definition, warped on purpose. "Elites" are far from "liberal".

Big Dan said...

REAL liberals like Noam Chomsky KNOW the media isn't liberal. Why would a REAL liberal say the media isn't liberal? ALL real liberals KNOW the media isn't liberal. FAKE liberals like Steve Corbett say: trust the mainstream media. Corbett has a lot of highly intelligent people to argue with about that...such as Noam Chomsky.

Anonymous said...

Corbett isn't a real anything, okay he is a real asshole, but other than that his whole radio life is schtick. Do the smart thing and stop listening and stop giving him the attention he so desperately requires. Tune out of his show.

Anonymous said...

you newsie groupies are journalists and corbett's not?

Anonymous said...

Maybe baby Markee can ask Nohm Cmomsky to call Corbett and see if he'll talk to him.