Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another milestone

I just noticed that I have written over 3,000 posts. Thanks for hanging around with me for these last 5 plus years.


Mean Old Man said...

I dug about 3000 trenches in WWII in about 3 years, so whose the better man? Go to Hell!!!

Anonymous said...

At 9 PM tonight CNBC showed a new special called Liquid Assets - about the growing scarcity of water globally and in the U.S. Fact is the west is nearly in trouble with pending water crises. Minneapolis, Sitka and San Deigo are all going into the water business. And, bucking national trends as usual, PA is working on a long term plan to not only abuse our currently abundant water resource BUT also to take a mega-sized chunk out of it FOREVER by leaving 4+ million gal./well hopelessly toxified under our bedrock, in perpetuity. Stupid, stupid, stupid.