Saturday, September 04, 2010

Tom Marino yelled at this guy

This was left in the comments and I have no reason to doubt his account of the encounter.

I think I can shed some light as to why the length of the video and what exactly was said. I was the gentleman that Marino was yelling at. I was there to protest because Toomey wants to privatize Social Security which effectively means giving it to Wall Street to invest in derivatives. So if you think Social Security is a scam, you would be against what Toomey wants to do; if you think Social Security is a legitimate social service, you would ALSO be against what Toomey wants to do. Be that as it may, when Marino first came out of the Toomey Rally, which I was surprised to see him at, I yelled "Hey Casino Marino, can you tell us the truth about your ties to DeNaples? Why won't you do an interview and come clean?" Marino then walked north along the building to engage those of us protesting telling us to go home and that we were just a bunch of losers. I have many witnesses to that. That initial conversation would not have been able to have been recorded due to him just leaving the building and the acoustics would not allow for the audio recording to be clear. The video that everyone has seen takes place after Marino walks back towards the main entrance and then sees the camera and decides to yell "what do you do for a living" what you don't hear is my answer to him due to him shouting while I was answering. Then I respond to his Welfare question as loudly as I can "what do YOU do for a living?" knowing full well he was until recently on the DeNaples payroll & has picked up sleeze ball mob connected clients in Florida & New York.

I read in the paper and online that Marino's campaign director, who I have personally met on several occasions, released a statement saying that I was "making derogatory comments regarding Mr. Marino and his family in front of children." The children in question were Pat Toomey's kids who were in his little mobile home with his wife at the time of the altercation and calling him Casino Marino is far from derogatory.

I am a veteran of the Marine Corps Reserve and make a living as a freelance video editor, videographer, photographer, and producer. I also own my own events and entertainment company. I work with various non-profits in Lycoming County and am an avid kayaker and fisherman.

Not only was I offended by Tom Marino's questioning if I had a job or if I was on welfare, I am offended by his campaign manager's response and the lies that were told about the event. Tom Marino's words regarding veterans has been offensive. His words regarding Carney hiding behind his wife's illness is offensive as someone who's mother dealt with cancer.

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Rep. Carney: Show me the letter

Marino claims he had permission to provide Louis DeNaples a character reference but has failed to produce the letter from the Department of Justice that he claims gave him the OK.

Marino resigned as U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Pennsylvania in October 2007 after The Morning Call reported he had given a gaming reference for DeNaples at a time when his office was investigating DeNaples for the purchase and resale of trucks damaged during Hurricane Katrina.

An FBI spokeswoman said DOJ pulled the DeNaples investigation from Marino after learning about the reference and transferred the case to the U.S. attorney in Binghamton, N.Y. The case was later transferred to the Pennsylvania state police, who lobbied the Lackawanna County District Attorney, Andy Jarbola, to prosecute, but he declined.

Marino went to work for DeNaples after he was forced out as US Attorney.

He has tried to change the subject without much success.

Marino challenges Carney to nine debates

Marino's debate challenge appeared Tuesday as a burst of offense from a campaign left on the defensive after a series of missteps by the candidate...A video posted Monday on a Web site covering state politics shows Marino yelling at protesters outside a campaign event in Williamsport, insinuating they are jobless, welfare recipients...Last month, Marino's campaign criticized Carney for leaving Washington before co-sponsoring a bill permanently banning federal funding for abortions. Marino's criticism came the same day Carney's office disclosed he had left the capital to be with his wife, Jennifer, before she underwent breast cancer surgery.

Last week, Marino told a Sunbury talk radio show his generation and future generations would "have to step up to the plate" and sacrifice their Social Security benefits to ensure the program remains solvent for current retirees.

Chris Carney's biggest asset in this campaign continues to be Tom Marino.

"Tom Marino's going to need more than nine debates with himself to figure out where he stands on the issues," Carney's press flack Josh Drobnyk said.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Swayzak appears pretty good at reading and regurgitating talking points mentioning "derivatives". I wonder if he can define derivatives without using Google.

He may want to take a peek at his website, though. Tons of dead links there...maybe he's too busy figuring out the world of high finance to maintain the site.

Anonymous said...

The oddest thing of all, to me, is that this incident took place at 5:30 in the afternoon -- so why in the world would Marino assume that someone there protesting against him couldn't possibly work at a real job? Sorry to keep this anonymous, but it's necessary when you live in a small town like Williamsport.