Monday, January 30, 2006

Local blogger in the news

The Times-Leader has a profile of Mark Cour the author of Wilkes-Barre Online:

Blogs seem to be the media flavor of the moment, but in the Wyoming Valley, Cour is one of just a few writing about local politics on the Web. But it was his concern for Wilkes-Barre that first pushed him to the Internet."All I really wanted five years ago was for Wilkes-Barre to get its (stuff) together," he said during a recent interview in his wood-paneled living room. "When the city started spiraling out of control a few years ago and I started writing letters to the editor."

The Times Leader seldom published his letters, and when they made it into The Citizens' Voice, Cour said, his words were so heavily edited that he didn't even recognize the letters as his own. He eventually turned to his computer as a way to circumvent editorial page editors. That was in 2000.

He has been at it for over five years now and is a must read everyday.

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