Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New GOP candidate in the 120th District

In a first for this site a local candidate has informed me of his intention to run for office before it appears in the papers or on any other website. I guess you would call that a scoop.

Paul Stebbins Jr.from West Pittston will enter the Republican primary for the seat held by Democrat Phyllis Mundy. He is the third announced GOP contender joining Forty Fort Borough Council President Joe Chacke and Kingston businessman John C. Cordora in the race. This is a comment he left on an earlier post:

This is a very interesting forum. I would like people to know that this week I have announced that I will be running as a Republican candidate for the seat of State Representative. You can view my page at StebbinsForPA.blogspot.com I feel that I have what the citizens of this great district are looking for. My issues and personal info are located on my page. Feel free to drop by. I look forward to the Primaries. The first thing people need to realize though is that 300 is a lot of signatures. You really need good volunteers and inter-personal skills. I wouldn't say that there are 3 or 4 candidates yet.

The title of his site is 120th District "Leadership for a Change". In his first post he gives some bio info and lays out his platform putting education as his first priority. He also covers crime, property taxes and the the state of middle-class Pennsylvanians .


Bill Fitzpatrick said...

this guy is better then Codera, but seems like Chacke Light
Joe has been elected to office and has his moderate appeal with the union
If Joe Cant run this guy would be a nice replacement, im afraid as a Republican he will split the normal people vote and codera will win the primary

LVDem said...

are there enough abnormal people for this to be possible Bill?

Gort said...

Ok guys this should be fun. Give me some definitions for normal people and abnormal people vote.

Bill Fitzpatrick said...

Cordera is nuts
His first plan is to ban Gay Marrage in PA,
its already banned and normal people would no it

Paul Stebbins Jr. said...

I would like to thank Gort for announcing this "scoop" :) I believe that the message that I will share will attract the voters. I also have a degree in Elementary Education so I do support some unions. As we all know, the teachers union is the most powerful here in Pennsylvania. I believe unions are there to protect the rights of the workers. It is when the unions begin to strong-arm residents and companies that I feel the need to stand up. I also believe that people are accountable for what they do and that government should not be there for the failed finances of towns through out the state. I believe that legislators should be there to assist communities and police departments but not bail them out of fiscal irresponsibility. I think the issues that I will address are not just your basic cookie-cutter ideals. They are the issues that truly touch the lives of Pennsylvanians today. I can make all the prmises in the world but if I cannot fulfill them, then it is then that I have failed as your legislator. I can only tell the people of this district how I feel. Then I will let them decide in May and Novemeber, "Who will remember how you feel in Harrisburg?" Once again , Thank you Gort

Paul Stebbins Jr. said...

sorry for the typos lol

exeterjohnb said...

What this Paulie guy doesn't get is he's just spouting off these stupid sound bites that he thinks people are dumb enough to buy. Just because you have an education degree doesn't make you sympathetic to unions. I also read he just moved into the district. You don't think the other candidates are going to exploit or challenge that?