Monday, January 09, 2006

Tom Delay

I usually stick to issues involving Luzerne County or at least try to find a local angle when I comment on national issues but this guy has always given me the creeps. My fellow PA bloggers can say it better than I.

Ol' Froth has this take:

Tom DeLay.

"During my time in Congress, I have always acted in an ethical manner within the rules of our body and the laws of our land."

Who knew he was a comedian?

The All Spin Zone covers his Texas troubles:

Methinks he doth appeal too much

Tom DeLay, denied on both counts. Chortle.

Texas court refuses to drop DeLay charges AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 9 (UPI) — A request by U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay to have criminal indictments against him dropped has been denied by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. The court, without comment, also Monday refused DeLay's request to have the case sent for immediate trial, the Houston Chronicle reported. The allegations led DeLay to resign his position as U.S. House of Representatives majority leader. He said he wanted a quick trial to clear his name so he could regain the leadership post, but this past weekend officially gave up that quest. Could this be the extremely belated Karma Express finally rolling though Sugar Land?

There is a local connection. Don Sherwood has accepted over $14,800 dollars from Tom DeLay’s PAC and during the past year has voted over 95% of the time with the majority leader. Earlier this year, Sherwood voted to weaken House Ethics rules in an effort to protect DeLay’s position as majority leader.

It's time for them to go.

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