Saturday, January 14, 2006

Tom Tigue retiring?

I heard a rumor tonight that yet another Luzerne County legislator may hang it up. 118th representative Tom Tigue of Hughestown, the Chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee, may want to spend more time with his family. He has been in the House since 1981 and would be the fourth county lawmaker to retire after this year. Of course this information may be totally wrong but it wouldn't surprise me. To my knowledge no one has made any noise about running against him.

Update: It's true, as reported in the CV. Now the speculation on a successor begins. Former Pittston Mayor Mike Lombardo is the immediate front runner if he is interested. This is sure to be another crowded primary.


Bill Fitzpatrick said...

Lombardo would be a nice moderate candidate

Anonymous said...

Lombardo is a hack. He is quite possibly the worst person for the job.

Bill Fitzpatrick said...

how is he a hack he is a dem but supported Bush. shows independence if you ask me
he is also a really nice guy(i know it does not mean he should win but its still a good quality