Thursday, August 16, 2007

Happy Babe-Elvis Day

As we pass through another summer without enough holidays I want to remind everyone of my proposal to make August 16th a day of celebration. This is the day both Babe Ruth and Elvis Presley died. Much is being made of the 30th anniversary of the demise of the King but the Babe seems to be forgotten in the hoopla.

We need a day that celebrates our penchant for excess and what cultural icons embody it better? The Babe had a robust lifestyle that is well documented and the King himself expired on the throne. For some reason my letters to members of Congress proposing this holiday have never been answered but maybe I'm aiming too high and we should start with a local event. Babe Ruth once visited Artillery Park and a commemorative plaque is planned. It should be unveiled next August 16th with a festival in Kirby Park where people would play baseball while being serenaded by Elvis impersonators. I'm sure it would catch on nationally.


Bill Fitz said...

Babe he is only third in the all time and season HR list, granite oif you take out cheaters he is secound and first

mean old man said...

Just like the Commie that runs this site to compare a great noble American like Babe Ruth to a Bolshevik slug like Elvis!!! Damn!!!! The Babe inspired young America with his heroic antics on the field while the King of Commie Rock and Roll urged them to tune in turn on and drop out!!! You better be dead Elvis 'cause if you show up at my place Thelma Jean will wrap her pie roller around your peanut butter and banana sandwich bloated neck!!!! I hate you Presley and I hate everyone who patronizes this site!!!! (Except for Dr. Rick, because he's a good guy).