Friday, August 31, 2007

How 'bout dem Mets

For the second time this season the Phillies swept the Mets and are only 2 games out of first place. Today's hero was Chase Utley getting a game winning hit in the bottom of the 9th, on Tuesday it was Ryan Howard smacking a walk off homer in the 10th. I think the key was that Pat Burrell keeps killing the Mets pitching with 3 home runs in 2 games. On the down side the twins (Alfonseca and Mesa) did their best to give away the game.
What a season the Phightins are having as just about everybody has been on the disabled list at one time or another and they must have used at least 30 pitchers. Give credit to Manager Charlie Manuel for keeping the whole thing together with duct tape, Ben-Gay and just keeping his guys loose no matter what happens. Chris thinks he should be Manager of the Year and I agree.
In the other league the bad guys also used some brooms.


Jennifer said...

The Phillies are like a bad boyfriend. Just when you're ready to give them the boot, they do something great and pull you back in. Damn them!

Bill Fitz said...

The bad guys used brroms against other bad guys.
Charlie manuel is Ike of baseball. Scholars considered him unfit for the presidency, but it turns out he was the best fit for the presidency and this non politician played everyone liie a fiddle, by hiding his political genious just as Chuck hides his knowledge of the game. so charlie is the Hidden hand Managaer just as Ike is the Hidden Hand president
I came up with that five secounds after brannon hit that homerun in his first at bat against the expos a few weeks back