Saturday, August 04, 2007

Saturday pet blogging

Ptolemy's chair

It used to be my chair until I rocked it back and forth one too many times yelling at the TV during a Penn State game and broke a weld. I resisted replacing it just like I won't get rid of a favorite shirt with a bunch of holes in it. But Mrs G's Mom bought me a new recliner for Christmas because they both wanted it out of the house. So we installed the new piece of furniture and put my old friend off to the side until the junk hauler would come and get it. Then the cat decided he liked it and lays on it all the time. Now I'm told we can't get rid of it because it's Ptolemy's favorite which is OK by me because it occupies the space we usually put the Christmas tree. Humphrey is indifferent.

I'm told that Kevin Drum started this pet picture thing with FRIDAY CATBLOGGING. The Bassets are actually standing up this week and Fred was framed.


PA progressive said...

Must have been a Michigan game.

Northern_Girl said...

What is it with cats and the tops of chairs? The "must be high up so I can oversee my king-cat-dom" causes all kinds of fun.

Pet blogging is catching on...

Anonymous said...

I dont want to be that guy, but yeah i do
your chair needs to be fixed, unless it has been desginagted for animnal use only