Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Lou Barletta get's a challenger

Hazleton-Local artist and coffee shop owner John Medashefski filed nomination papers for the city’s top office on Tuesday as a member of the Libertarian Party. He will run against Barletta in the November general election...."Look at the city. It’s a deplorable mess. Friends and relatives tell me they feel like prisoners in their own homes. There’s been three shootings since the primary. It’s like the wild west. Something’s got to be done,” Medashefski said.

He says he's optimistic about his chances, I'm not. Crime, roads and playgrounds are always good issues but Barletta is the local hero right now winning both the Republican and Democratic nominations.


LVDem said...

the dude proves a good point though... Barletta has mismanaged the city into the toilet, allowing roads to crumble and the police force to be cut. What is so sad is that he's been able to become a hero even though he's been a miserable failure as a mayor.

danny said...

He's the Rudy of NEPA.

Anonymous said...

hazelton was going down the toliet before Lou was elected
He helpe reinvigorate the city by welcoming the legal hisonaics while the previou democrat mayor wanted to top them

Anonymous said...

sorry wanted to stop them

Gort said...

Bill, Like most small cities Hazleton has more important things to deal with than changing federal immigration law.

Anonymous said...

And hazleton has been doing that unlike Wilkes-Barre and Scranotn
I took a course on hspanic Growth in NEPA, which means hazleton and lou made the city better

danny said...

because you took the class? or because it's your opinion? i live in hazleton, and we don't have enough police. that's squarely on the mayor. if he wasn't spending city funds on this fool's errand he could put more cops on the streets.

but there's more headlines for this than for doing his job.

Anonymous said...

I am not saying the city is great but the previous mayor was horrible
My professor not only lives in Hazleton, but studied the city.
His scholarly opinion is the city was worse before Barletta came in.
The previous mayor bankrupted the city and I bleive invested in a SWAT team instead of more uselfuul cops. he also wanted to actively get rid of all hipsnaics not just illeagals.

Barletta came in a balanced the budget. this plan may be overambitious, but still the city is in better shape then it was before barletta

LVDem said...

Bill, he balanced the budget by cutting police and by cutting basic city services like code enforcement. Do you think that has something to do with the high crime rate? Now, that SWAT team is a necessity in Hazelton. I know it has had a similar effect in allentown and easton.

And I love the justification: the last mayor was terrible so Barletta is great. The city is still in economic decline, is littered with vacant store fronts and crumbling infrastructure. If this guy gets elected to Congress or any other higher office, it will be a crying shame.

And I'd love to see the scholarly work of your professor Bill, b/c in my professional work, Hazelton and towns like it are in serious trouble. I don't need a scholar to tell me that.

Anonymous said...

Hazelton is in horrible shape. Barletta has done an awful job with the city.

Chris said...