Thursday, August 09, 2007

Joe Lieberman for Vice President

Scary thought but possible.
A few days ago PSoTD asked his blogroll this question: Will Joe Lieberman support the Republican candidate for President in 2008, reasons why or why not, and what's the political value to him?
First of all I appreciate the question as it sure beats the silly tell us 5 stupid things about yourself memes and he points out that if he does the Democratic Party will get bathed in a propaganda push about how the moderate Democrats are splitting from the "liberal left", bleh bleh bleh. So let's get ahead of the curve.
It's impossible to get inside his head but I think that Lieberman is angling for the VP spot on the Republican ticket. he would accept the offer as history has shown that being VP is one of the best paths to the Presidency. James Carville once said that running for President is like sex, you don't only do it once.
He is raising money for Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine and declined to investigate the Hurricane Katrina foul-ups as Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee. He supports the endless Iraq occupation saying we have have to give it more time and has suggested that Democrats aren't serious about national security.
No matter who wins the GOP nomination, adding Lieberman as VP would be let the Republicans go to the country with a "bi-partisan ticket." Forget all the traditional balancing of geography, ideology, etc.
Back to the original question. If he is not the VP pick he's smart enough to read the tea leaves and knows the the Dem's are going to have a big year in 2008. I doubt if he would go to the GOP convention or endorse the Republican nominee.


pope george ringo said...

I could be wrong but I believe that Lieberman is pro-choice and therefore would never be on the GOP ticket. The Christian right still has a firm hand on the reins of the party (which is why, despite the media steroids he is getting, Giuliani will not be on the ticket). P.S. Joe L's Jewish faith would be yet another thorn in the side of the Christian right.

danny said...

I disagree with his holiness about Joe's faith: evangelicals have a real thing for Israel and Zionists, and Joe is a huuuuuuge supporter of Zionism.

Anonymous said...

Danny I agree Conservtatives do not have a problem with jews, Norm Coleman gets alot of rrspect from the right and he is not really a big social consrvative. The christian right hates arlen becuase he is arlen and has nothing to do with the fact he he is jewish.

But Rudy Liberman would be the utlimate Neo Con ticket, becuase all neocons such as Bill Kristol care about is attacking iran. McCain only wants to win Iraq would be finished with nation building. Obama Librman would be a great NeoCon choice becuase he supports them in every thing other than Iraq

But Liberman would not work with Rudy or romeny becuase it would seem like a ticket of two NE eleitist. Liberman would work well with Thompson and maybe even McCain

Rudy liberman would not work, becuase it would mean two new yorkers, romney Liberman would not work becuase Romeny's faith/ his support of an even wierder faith

Daddy Democrat said...

Sorry, Gort. I think you're wrong about this one. All of the top Republican hopefuls are held in suspicion by the base. No way that Pro-Choce Rudy or Mormon & Past-Pro-Choice Romney, or Problems-with-Evangelicals McCain would pick Lieberman. They see Lieberman as a useful prop, but they're not suicidal. You actually have to get the red meat conservatives to show up at the polls.

pope george ringo said...

I'll go out on a limb and say that no pro choice candidate will be on the GOP ticket--just as there will be no pro life candidate on the Dem ticket. Both parties are polarized to their respective sides when ironically the vast majority of the voters are in the middle. Perhaps this is why so many people are turned off to politics. Republicans and Democrats in Washington need to go out together for a beer after work the way they used to.