Friday, November 30, 2007

Gravel gets down

Former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel the Democratic presidential candidate that poses the biggest threat to Dennis Kucinich has a rap video set to a techno version of Give Peace a Chance. He has been excluded from the joint press conferences that are billed as debates and he asks why?

From Raw Story:

Phony patriotism is jingoism." Gravel raps...with flashy animations interspersed with clips of Democratic candidates and President Bush playing behind him. "Why won't you let me say what I want to say? Power to the people. Give peace a chance."

Gravel... has been denied the opportunity to appear alongside Democratic candidates in any more debates this year. In earlier debate appearances, Gravel excoriated Democratic lawmakers who voted to let President Bush invade Iraq and now are criticizing the war, and he spoke out against the government's war on drugs, a topic most other candidates have avoided.

"Why are they afraid of the truth?" Gravel asks.

power to the people vs give peace a chance

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HDNet Dec 1 DNC debate (Sat 7:30pm ET)
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